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North Lamar Independent School District Reviews

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North Lamar has been my school since the first grade. Faculty does an amazing job at creating a positive environment and catering to each student’s needs.
Loved it! Super fun and nice teachers! Loving and caring school district and community. Would recommend
At North Lamar High School, there have been many instances where students are not treated as equally as others. Yes, I understand this is life. However, it is not right when students are given less opportunities because they are not “someone”. This school runs off of “who you know” and “what you can give”. That’s it.
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The atmosphere of the school is welcoming and there are a wide range of different clubs and organizations open to anyone that would like to join. The teacher truly care about their students and strive to help improve their academic abilities. Accommodations are offered to students that qualify and students are encouraged to improve themselves both academically and personally.
It could definitely be a much better school, but overall it does have its perks. I would like to see better teachers come to teach, who actually care about the job.
The best part about attending North Lamar High school is participating in UI L events. Our different teams have competed at and won state championships several times. However, the administration continually decides to cut the budgets on those activities and give more to the worst team: the football team. Aside from extracurricular activities, the academics are terrible. The teachers are paid next to nothing which means it is very difficult to find qualified teachers willing to work for the school. Out of the entire district, I can count on one hand the number of good teachers we have. The only reason I have not moved to the other district in Paris is because I have friends at North Lamar that I don't want to leave.
North lamar over all is a good school district. I wouldn't have changed by going anywhere else. Some teachers are a handful to deal with, but that's okay.
My experience at North Lamar was amazing. Outside of academics, there is so much you can do when it comes to sports, fine arts, clubs, etc. This school has such a welcoming environment so anyone that transfers here will fit right in.
North Lamar has given me so many chances and opportunities to branch out and expand myself. It's provided me with the resources to excel in several different areas in school.
The school had great teachers and was able to help me prepare for the world. The extracurricular groups such as the band were very successful. There were many good and successful clubs and organizations at the school. There was something for everyone.
North Lamar was a great school to attend. The academics aspect of it is probably the best in this area.
The fine arts department and academic competitions and a few select teachers were terrific. However, the administration is a complete disaster, and there are a couple of teachers who should not be educators.
North Lamar is an overall good school. The school offers many amazing clubs and groups to join. The Band, Debate Team, and Theater are exceptional and have wonderful people running them. The teachers are pretty good but the administration is horrid. Overall, I give it a B-
North Lamar high school should fix the building issues before anything else. after fixing the building issues school representatives should focus on the school food and the portions. Many of the new school rules that are created in the school year 2016-2017 are pointless and unbeneficial to the students and the staff.
Majority of the teachers dont care about the students at all. Now that ive entered college and talked with others about their high school experience ive realized how bad North Lamar is. No college readiness whatsoever. No help with finding colleges or encouraging growth. It's a decent environment to grow up in once you find your "group". But i feel so far behind on an academic level in college. Overall, i would not recommend this school if you are looking to take your education to higher levels. If intrested in taking your life the agricultural route, i would definitely recommend.
Teachers are very personable and willing to make great efforts to deepen understanding in multiple subjects! These are the best teachers east Texas has to offer, and North Lamar is successful in everything they pursue.
I really liked all the matches you have found for me! It definitely makes my job a lot easier. Thank you for that! The only thing I would say that I might change would be how hard it is sometimes to find what you're looking for.
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