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My 9th through 12th grade year,back in 2012, were ok. There seemed to be alot of changes being made. Everything was very off on the teaching style for my last two years. I know their was a new principle their as well. It was just a little messy. I feel like they were protecting the students from the real world. Everyone seemed to be getting nurtured and not taught about the real world and what to expect. College readiness was very poor.
The North Kitsap School District has 2 elementary schools, a middle school and a high school. I believe all the schools are good schools. The middle and high school offer a wide range of sports and offer band and choir. Most sports teams have good coaches and are quite successful during the season. They also both offer a very wide range of clubs and after school activities ranging from ukulele club to Polynesian dance club.
Amazing environment and amazing staff! So glad to attend! The facilities are always amazing, the education I’m getting is great, the teachers are so passionate!
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North Kitsap School District is great! I have been in the district since i was in first grade and have never had any issue with the district. They have great schools with great people. The schools get you prepared for college, the sports are great and competitive. The atmosphere of the schools are good and i highly recommend this school district for someone looking for a great district to enroll their child in or work for.
The teachers and students at North Kitsap are very engaged and committed. The school culture is generally positive and encouraging. I really wish that the school counselors were more accessible though. The sports teams thrive and are usually successful, especially at North Kitsap Highschool. However, finding funds to support programs in the arts: drama, music, visual art, etc. is a constant frustration.
It was a nice high school to go to. Most of the teachers were fun and made their lessons interesting to keep the attention of the class. Not only are the classes great, but so are the extra curricular activities, from Makers club, Science club, sports, and others, they provide chances to show what we have learned in class or find interest into activities that could possibly shape the life of a student, as well as helping them be socially healthy. This has made my high school experience great for the last 4 years and I am glad to say I was a North Kitsap student
The teachers at North Kitsap School District make it so that each student gets what they need in order to succeed in school.
There are many opportunities, and they have been striving for an all inclusive school district. They have many clubs. Their sports teams do amazing. The music program needs a little work; the choirs do pretty well but the bands don't do as well.
I really enjoyed my years at North Kitsap High School. However, I really think the students there are not so good. A lot of bad stuff going on that teachers and staff try to control but nothing seems to work. Often times bathrooms are closed so that students cannot go in to smoke, etc. besides this, the atmosphere of North Kitsap High School is welcoming and safe. Teachers care about the students and the staff is always willing to help students out.
I do like how North Kitsap High school has an SRO, I would like to see expansion of hallway sizes, it gets very crowded during passing periods
I like the encouragement I receive from teachers and other students to do well in school. I’ve had a lot of success at North Kitsap High School both academically in classes and competitively in sports. I like the heavy focus on teamwork and supporting one another both in the classroom and in school sports.
The diversity within North Kitsap School District is amazing, being surrounded by two Native American Tribes plays a key factor in the political culture. Throughout my years at North Kitsap School Districts, from elementary school, to high school, I was enriched by the cultures of the Native Americans. The teachers here are always willing to push their students, and help them to succeed, not only at the moment, but in their futures as well. If needed extra help, my teachers were always there with a creative and thoughtful mind. They have not only taught me new concepts, but they have also pushed me and shaped me into the person that I am today.
The reduction of AP classes is a serious issue along with lack of college preparation. Our sports are good, however, there is clear favoritism for male athletes. Also our administration is losing all of our money and doing nothing.
I love how this school is very interactive in each class. Unfortunately, for the inconvenience of funding, it makes it hard to communicate effectively with my teachers at home and do make up work while I am out of state. Otherwise, the school is fantastic and my teachers are great!
The North Kitsap School District is in a great location and has a beautiful campus. The only recurring issue I have had with them is the communication. It is nearly impossible to reach a live person to talk to, especially admissions counselors.
What i liked was the sports background, because everyone attended the events and loved supporting one another. One thing i would like to see improve is the college preparedness, because being in college, i feel like i didn't learn alot of this stuff in high school and i could have been better prepared.
I wish our school district had more money's to use for sorts and other things. The school district doesn't notify people and families very well of changes to something or whatever. But I do like how modern our systems are. I wish they would fund more activities like color guard. The superintendent is nice and goes to the KMS band concerts which is awesome
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I moved to the Kitsap Peninsula to start my Junior year at my third high school. This was no surprise for me growing up in a military family and moving every few years. Arriving into small-town Poulsbo, I was rapidly aware of how tight knit everyone was. People here have known each other since they were in diapers and what shocked me most was how welcoming Poulsbo Residents are. Despite having generations of history in the same town, new comers are welcomed with open arms. I never really had an issue making my school transitions after my dad received a new duty station but Poulsbo is by far my favorite place of many. The students and staff at North Kitsap High School ensure a warm welcome and do their best to make sure your transition and learning experience is the best it can be. The past year and a half in the North Kitsap School District have been the best of times and I have the Viking students and staff to thank for it!
Good teachers. Very diverse. I'd like to see more computers in classrooms though, and more extra cirriculars for k-6.
Really love some of my teachers and then there are some teachers that are just so bad. Whole entire Spanish department can't teach. Makes me happy I took French. Band program is great. Honor society has communication problems. Interact is great. Fashion club is a ton of fun but needs to change name because it is deceiving.
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