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North Kingstown School District Reviews

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North Kingstown School District is the greatest school district ever. I’m so lucky to be able to attend North Kingstown High School. I’ve had the best time of my life here!!!!!!!!!
North Kingstown is a great place to grow up and go to school. The town is ranked 4th in the state for education. It's not perfect but the education is good and the people are terrific.
Good enough teachers, majority of student body white and narrow minded, administration is typically mediocre and fails to meet a lot needs but definitely has some good people. Could have better teachers, be more involved with a progressive curriculum and scientific based learning, and be more considerate of personal needs.
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The school is great. The academic programs are wonderful, very challenging, and very informational. This school pushes you to be the best you can be. It teaches a good work ethic, problem solving, and successfully prepares you for college. The teachers and administration are very involved and helpful. They make sure you understand the curriculum and what's expected of you. The students are very kind and welcoming, especially if you're new. The councilors are also very involved. They ensure your schedule is full of classes that benefit and interest you, as well as help you prepare for college. Overall, it's a great school.
I have had an excellent educational experience at NKHS. Over my four years, I have been active in the classroom, sports, and in our leadership club. My teachers are always approachable and available for questions and extra help. I feel academically very prepared for my next endeavor as I transition to college. This is primarily due to the rigorous classes available at NKHS. Many of my teachers have high expectations and teach at a college level. I am fortunate to have attended NKHS.
North Kingstown is a solid school district that does a fairly good job preparing students for college/" the real world". It offers different levels of work intense classes and provides guidance for those who needs it. However, the school district is growing more rapidly than its adaption rate.
North Kingstown is a very good school with a lot to offer the students. North Kingstown is a safe school and the teachers care about the success of the students. The sports teams excel and the school spirit is high.
It is a great school system to be a part of. Teachers are so whiling to help students and the students are wanting to learn. It is a great environment to flourish in terms of academics, athletics, robotics, music and arts.
Not the worst administration but slow to get a response and makes bad decisions generally frequently.
North Kingstown School District has its moments; however, I enjoyed by elementary days and junior high until I moved to a different part of N. Kingstown, which made me go to a different junior high. I was pretty bumped because I enjoyed the school I was in.
My overall experience at North Kingstown HighsSchool is excellent because the school offers great diversity and many opportunities.
Having grown up and attended schools in the NK School District from pre-school to twelve grade, I have nothing but positive feedback to give. Known for our strong sense of community, the parents, teachers and administration are all very involved in the students activities. Academics are nothing shy of impressive, especially at the high school level being one that provides AP courses and a wide variety of electives to help guide in making a decision about their future profession and opportunities to have an internship block in the schedule to assist in college readiness. Also, the clubs and sporting opportunities are extensive at all levels, including interests from baking club, to LGBTQ+ groups. Also, known for our involvement and acceptance of students with special needs, there are adaptive sports teams and classes that regular ed students can join and be peer partners with. Overall, my experience as a part of the NK school district has been exceptional and memorable.
The school department to me straight to my face that I was never going to graduate high school or even go to college. I should only take a few classes because going full time would be too much for me.My mother had to sue the school district to get me the services I needed. There was a bomb threat written on the bathroom wall and since it was written tiny and I was a "problem child" I was interrogated by the police(no I did not do it). The school guidance counselor was always on maternity leave, she was either about to or already on. No one in my graduating class last name A-L had a solid college foundation. They also labeled my younger brother a problem child " just like his sister" and gave up on him.
My son attend North kingstown high school and we both think highly of the teachers. The teachers are always willing to work with the children.
It is a good school district that provides a lot of opportunities for its students. The music department is superior and it has always been a dedicated advocate for the arts.
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