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I like it some what. The teachers are nice and all that. But I'm a terrible speller. And that happened in elementary school when they cut out spelling tests.
I had such a supportive group of teachers throughout all of my education. each teacher challenging me and supportive with things outside of the classroom
This is a wonderful school district with great teachers and a diverse population of students. I have learned more than I could ask for and have greatly enjoyed my school experience.
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What I liked about Nkc was the diverse we had at our school and everyone respected everyone like family.
I graduated from Staley High School in May. I had an incredible 4 years there and can't wait to support it in the future like it supported me.
The North Kansas City School District has been my home for the past 12 years of schooling. I have been highly successful by the resources the school district has given me and the tools to better my knowledge every year.
i been in the same school district for 18 years now so i remember every teacher i had and how much support they gave me .i got a lot of help along the way growing up . its like a second family . ill be living here for the rest of my life and yah thats all i can really say .
I like most of the teachers. Sometimes, I feel the students do not necessarily earn their grades. I think the district is too lenient with the students and their grades. Teachers are supposed to take all late work. I believe it should be zeros. Teach the students about real life.
North Kansas City is full of tradition, from open lunch to the wide range of diversity that will always be apart of Northtown. I love that it never fails to amaze me, with great support in the athletic department and without fault in providing great education.
Very good school, lots of options for classes and various activities. Administration is very involved in students education as well as after high school.
I like that they have off campus work sites so kids can get hands on learning about the job/ career they want to have one day. However i do not like how North Kansas City students have to have twenty hours of community service in order to graduate.
It is not a great school district. While the teachers were decent for the most part, it was mostly a "luck of the draw" scenario. The only reason High School wasn't terrible was due to my participation in the IB program.
My overall experience with North Kansas City School District has been great. The atmosphere is the most enjoyable part of being apart of this community. The diversity makes anyone feel at home which allows for self growth. And it doesn't hurt that these schools are so spirited that the energy is always great.
Ive been to several schools in my district and each severely lacked diversity and acceptance of alternative learning styles. I also repeatedly had issues with faculty remaining professional.
I’ve been in nkcschools district since I was in kindergarten up until now which is my senior year. The elementary school I went to, northview, was great. Had great teachers and I loved it as a kid. I never didn’t want to go to school. The middle school I went to, new Mark, was bad. They treat kids who are growing up as if they are still toddlers. They get no freedom. I then went to Staley highschool and they are the best. Great teachers, lots of opportunities for getting college credits in high school, the best administration, and more freedom.
North Kansas City schools provide a wide range of educational classes and activities that prepare students for college. My experience has been positive and I feel that the opportunities I have had have built a strong foundation for me to be successful in college. I would have liked to have more music classes for college credit so I can be further along when entering as a freshman next fall.
I like that there is room for you to grow and expand your learning. I like that the teachers are very patient and want to help you grow better.
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I have had an amazing experience with North Kansas City School District. The teachers are very involved and care about their students. There is things for everybody to get involved in and voice their opinions without being judged. Overall, I would recommend any school within North Kansas City!
Everyone has a place where they can fit in, no matter who they are or their interests. School spirit runs high and there’s a friendly competitive atmosphere across district activities/athletics.
I love going to the NKCSD schools. They offer a variety of classes here at Staley, and their helping me prepare for college. It also helps that all of the teacher and students are helpful and friendly.
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