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North Kansas City School District Reviews

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Throughout the schools in this district you will find many different types of people. No matter which school you’re at you will surely find your group of people that upon for with.
North Kansas City High school is an excellent high school. Everyone is willing to help you when you ask.
North Kansas City School district is the place to go to get your kids prepared for the real world! My experience was spectacular. I had great teachers. The academics is great. There's so much diversity throughout the school. The resources are incredible! For example, kindergarten through 8th grade get iPads and 9th-12th get MacBook Airs. This is the place to go!
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The North Kansas City School District offers a wide range of courses and electives. The school I went to within the district is recognized as one of the most diverse.
I love Winnetonka high school because of the diversity and acceptance there is! i have met so many people there and learned so many amazing thing, thanks to the staff!
North Kansas City school district is the most helpful. they make sure each and every student is ready for everything that comes around.
I have had a wonderful educational experience in the North Kansas City School District. Not only have I had great teachers but I have had principals who knew every student by name and were a part of our student body. I have also never felt closer to a group of student than my class of 2020. Overall, this district has introduced me to so many people that shaped me to be who I am, have shown me my love for science, and have given so many examples of who I want to become as I continue to grow throughout college.
I attended the North Kansas City Schools from Kindergarten-Sophomore year, and my senior year, and I can vouch for the amazing organizations and opportunities for the students attending these schools!
I really enjoyed my time within the North Kansas City School District; I made plenty of great memories and created meaningful relationships with many different people. I really enjoyed the diversity within the school, allowing me to learn about different cultures and traditions. One aspect I feel was very poor within my school was the lack of updated renovations in the bathrooms. The bathroom stalls were old and falling apart, and the sinks were worn-out community style ones. I feel like this is an aspect of the school that should be better taken care of. The female students need to be offered the best quality care and privacy in the bathrooms.
I liked the north Kansas city district because I've been in the district my whole life from elementary all the way to high school. They've always been supportive even when i was a hard headed student they made sure i graduated on time!
Majority of white students, but many minority ethnic groups making for diversity.
Offers a solid education with all sports and a large variety of clubs. Located in a suburban setting in the the largest school district (North Kansas City Public Schools) on the Missouri side of Kansas City. A safety rating of B+ makes for a wonderful experience.
Overall the district had amazing faculty that genuinely cared about your success. There were lots of academic opportunities including AP classes, Honors courses, and a new program that was opened during my senior year- early college academy. I always felt safe at school as well as any school in the district. As you move through the years, more and more responsibility is placed on you as the student and less on parents/guardians. I personally wasn't part of clubs or organizations but I always saw signs up in the hallways for them, there were a lot to offer. The counselors are amazing! That is one thing I can say with no doubt in my mind. I used my counselor all the time and for the most part, they were always happy to help and they could almost always help. Early college academy was a weird transition, but my counselors were always there to help and make sure I was doing okay. The students weren't always the greatest but there isn't much you can change about that.
I like it some what. The teachers are nice and all that. But I'm a terrible speller. And that happened in elementary school when they cut out spelling tests.
I had such a supportive group of teachers throughout all of my education. each teacher challenging me and supportive with things outside of the classroom
This is a wonderful school district with great teachers and a diverse population of students. I have learned more than I could ask for and have greatly enjoyed my school experience.
What I liked about Nkc was the diverse we had at our school and everyone respected everyone like family.
I graduated from Staley High School in May. I had an incredible 4 years there and can't wait to support it in the future like it supported me.
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The North Kansas City School District has been my home for the past 12 years of schooling. I have been highly successful by the resources the school district has given me and the tools to better my knowledge every year.
i been in the same school district for 18 years now so i remember every teacher i had and how much support they gave me .i got a lot of help along the way growing up . its like a second family . ill be living here for the rest of my life and yah thats all i can really say .
I like most of the teachers. Sometimes, I feel the students do not necessarily earn their grades. I think the district is too lenient with the students and their grades. Teachers are supposed to take all late work. I believe it should be zeros. Teach the students about real life.
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