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North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation Reviews

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North Judson is a small town and small school, teachers are very friendly. The Counselors at our High School do not go above and beyond to get seniors ready for college and that is very disappointing. There is available dual credit classes, but it is very hard to fit into your schedule as there is not a wide variety of classes to take. A lot of students do not go all seven class periods.
There is a small handful of teachers that are truly there to try and make a difference in students lives. This is a small school in a small town. Which means there should be more of a "one on one" approach. Unfortunately this is not the case, unless you are related to the staff or personally know them.They turn a blind eye to racism and bullying ( by teachers and students). This school is great if your family is from the town, and you grew up in the town, and your white. Very closed minded. Very expensive for a child to be in sports. Not many sports to choose from. Not many afterschool affordable activities. Textbooks are falling apart. Barely any technology for the students. And the aids who are there to help are mostly highschool students who stay on their phones. Curdled milk in the breakfasts and lunches at least once a week. And the school nurse has NO compassion for students. They are literally scared of her
North Judson gave me an incredible high school experience. Small class sizes make learned one on one.
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I've had a great time there as a middle schooler and hope to as a high schooler. This school has been my school since kindergarten and I hope to finish there as a senior.
It's a small school. Very easy to have one-on-one interactions with teachers, faculty, and stuff, along with other students. It's a small surrounding area. It's hard to do things without a longer commute.
I like the school because it is small. Everyone gets along with all the teachers. The teachers are nice and will try to help kids pass by helping them. The school is not that big. The middle schoolers and high schoolers are combined.
I liked the teachers and all the life lessons I was able to learn from all of them. I will carry them out with me for the rest of my life.
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