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North Iowa Community School District Reviews

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It's a small school with good people who all know your name and are always willing to help out. Everyone in the community contributes to making the school a better place in some way, making each event special and fun for everyone in attendance.
I think that some of the teachers really do try to teach the students, but sometimes the teachers aren't just harsh enough to get the student to pay attention. Many of the students don't come to school or do not pay attention in school. The school is set up very nice, you don't always realize that your are in a K-12 building unless you go past the middle school building to go to the lunchroom, gym, music/band, or to the business office. Overall they give lots of opportunities with the sports and extra curricular available. A lot of the time students just don't take the opportunities given to them to use them and the clubs and sports teams go to waste or go to a loosing record because we don't have enough participation or effort given.
The teachers seem like they are there just to get paid. They dont care. Most teachers favorite girls. The food is not enough to keep us going during after school events and during school. I can work better with food in my stomach. We never get any athletes so our sports suck. The coaching is not good at all. The next few classes coming up are really good at sports. If they dont get coached right there will be no good in our sports. That might be the worst thing about North Iowa.
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The experience at North Iowa was good the teachers are always willing to help. The teachers are good, always willing to help out because they want to see you succeed
There are many people working together to make sure students are getting the education they need. Most problems occur from troubled students, however said students are helped or removed.
I like being a part of the North Iowa Community School District because of the overall school culture. I enjoy the people that the school pulls in because they are different. Nobody that comes to North Iowa is ever the same. I also like going to North Iowa because the teachers are friendly and expect a lot out of the students which helps to pushes the students to be the best they can be.
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