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North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School District Reviews

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I loved going to this school. Every day I woke up enjoyed learning in a safe environment. I am so thankful to have gone to this school for all of high school. I made so many great friends here and felt so supported by my teacher. They help me set up a great plan for college and what I wanted to do after high school. They helped me a lot with my learning disability and made me a better student in the process.
I like how big the school is, yet it is small enough to be personable. I wish that there were more activities outside of school that the students could participate in.
The teachers were nice and so was the atmosphere, but the school is very old. There is mold and we have to evacuate because of gas leaks sometimes. Other than that the sports teams are really good especially volleyball (they were state champs). The food is also pretty good as well.
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My favorite part about North is the school spirit and the ability for the student body to come together during sporting events and create a loud force. I also enjoyed the variety of classes that were available to take so I was not limited in my interests. My senior year I was able to take classes that I was truly interested in. Within these classes, I am able to bond with my friends who I get to share class with due to the small school size.
North Hunterdon High School has been a great school to attend and has helped me to improve my education for a better future
My experience at North Hunterdon has been mostly very positive. I feel that academically and athletically, North excels, however, although the arts departments are fantastic, I feel that there should be just as much of a focus on the arts as there is on sports.
Great experience- friendly knowledgeable staff. Students are involved and there is a club for anything and everything. Lots of school spirit!
The North Hunterdon/ Voorhees HS district was good. There is little to no diversity but the academics are excellent. The teachers are great although I felt under prepared for college once I graduated NHHS. The Honors/ AP students were definitely more prepared for college than those that just took advanced and CP courses. I liked that there are a lot of clubs/ activities to try out and the safety for these schools is immaculate, maybe a little too much. School culture was great and it felt like almost everyone was proud to be an NHHS lion. The classroom/ education facilities really need some updating. The sports facilities are all up to date, now just to fix the inside of the building (walking through the school feels very depressing because there are little to no windows anywhere). Science, math, english, arts, music, physical education, driver's education all have immaculate teachers.
North Hunterdon High School changed my experience with my education. I suddenly was involved with the school, and felt so welcome. The staff makes sure you are caught up with the other students, and can always accommodate to your learning needs. The extracurricular activities allows you to pick from so many and is a great way of making friends and meeting new people. We have so many good food options at school, from fruit options to sandwiches and salads. They offer out of school programs such as poly tech, which gives you experience focusing on one career and earning college credits towards when you graduate. Overall, North Hunterdon High School is an amazing school and I will miss it very much when I graduate.
My high school career at North Hunterdon High School was one that readied me for my future far more than I realized while I studied there. While I don’t believe that North Hunterdon is very diverse and did not expose me or ready me for what life outside of Hunterdon County is like, it did provide me with a safe space to develop and cultivate as a young person. I think that having the positive experience that I did at North Hunterdon is part of the reason that I chose to stay close to home for my first two years of college. I feel that if I had had a poor high school experience, I would have felt less confident in my potential here at home. I am truly grateful for this as going to community college has allowed me time to grow as an individual before deciding to finally transfer to a university in the Fall of 2020.
I really like the teachers and the environment we learn in. The interests of many are taken care of with all of the different clubs and such. I am really going to miss high school once I graduate, I couldn't pick any other school to go to.
I love my school! The administration and faculty are excellent. The environment is safe and positive and all inclusive. I love being involved in my school community and always feel welcomed to join in.
We are an excellent school district. I am proud to attend North Hunterdon-Voorhees High School.
North Hunterdon High school has allowed me and many other students a safe learning environment where every teacher is willing to devote their time during and after school to help you improve and understand more about any subject.
Only a couple changes to North Hunterdon could make the experience better. More parking for seniors and juniors would be the biggest thing.
North Hunterdon Regional High School is very old and has a lot of issues (specifically with smells and mold - which is a HUGE problem for people with allergies and asthma). The school also has a lot of issues with heating and cooling which is unhealthy for students and teachers. Some of the staff is great and others intimidate and bully students. The school is also very heavily focused on sports and less on other extracurricular activities.
North Hunterdon was able to more than prepare me for what college was to bring. I walked into my classes freshman year of college feeling ready! The teachers at North Hunterdon are amazing and truely care about yout edycation.
NH has done a great job preparing my kids for college. I do feel some of the Administrators are unapproachable and not receptive to concerns.
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I enjoyed a majority of teachers at the school, on personal level, however, I feel they were not always cut out to be teachers- unprepared, poor at explaining things and unclear. I would hope this has changed since I've graduated for the sake of the future!
Voorhees High was an amazing school to attend. The teachers are all the best of the best. I learned so much from attending this school. I feel I've been given a great start to my college career and my work career.
People are cool. Lots of good classes and teachers. There are a lot of AP classes and choices. Our football team was champ last year. Only bad thing is it is way too white.
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