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North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School District Reviews

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I love my school! The administration and faculty are excellent. The environment is safe and positive and all inclusive. I love being involved in my school community and always feel welcomed to join in.
We are an excellent school district. I am proud to attend North Hunterdon-Voorhees High School.
North Hunterdon High school has allowed me and many other students a safe learning environment where every teacher is willing to devote their time during and after school to help you improve and understand more about any subject.
Only a couple changes to North Hunterdon could make the experience better. More parking for seniors and juniors would be the biggest thing.
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North Hunterdon Regional High School is very old and has a lot of issues (specifically with smells and mold - which is a HUGE problem for people with allergies and asthma). The school also has a lot of issues with heating and cooling which is unhealthy for students and teachers. Some of the staff is great and others intimidate and bully students. The school is also very heavily focused on sports and less on other extracurricular activities.
North Hunterdon was able to more than prepare me for what college was to bring. I walked into my classes freshman year of college feeling ready! The teachers at North Hunterdon are amazing and truely care about yout edycation.
NH has done a great job preparing my kids for college. I do feel some of the Administrators are unapproachable and not receptive to concerns.
I enjoyed a majority of teachers at the school, on personal level, however, I feel they were not always cut out to be teachers- unprepared, poor at explaining things and unclear. I would hope this has changed since I've graduated for the sake of the future!
Voorhees High was an amazing school to attend. The teachers are all the best of the best. I learned so much from attending this school. I feel I've been given a great start to my college career and my work career.
People are cool. Lots of good classes and teachers. There are a lot of AP classes and choices. Our football team was champ last year. Only bad thing is it is way too white.
North Hunterdon High School is a very welcoming place in which students encounter an environment in which there is lots of help, resources and support. The staff does a great job providing the resources needed in order for students to be successful not only in school but in the near future. North Hunterdon is recognized by its high moral standards and its ability to transformed the students in a way that they appreciate life, good values and success.
It was a great environment for my son. The sports program has really improved. The academic development is helpful in getting them towards the college path.
Overall, I am satisfied with my current schooling education. I do not hate school, which is unique because I know many who despise walking into the doors of North Hunterdon bright and early. The rules here are strict, and get even more strict each day. But what I like about highschool is the freedom. I like the competition. I like how I am able to control my future and determine what kind of person I want to be, each and everyday. North Hunterdon is all I know. I've never attended another high school, so I can't really compare, but I do know that I am happy here. These 3 years have been the best of my life thanks to my community and the connections and bonds I have formed in this educational environment.
I feel safe in my school environment. All the faculty are kind and caring in and out of the classroom. They are willing to help students. Extracurriculars are bountiful and give all students a chance to get involved.
For the four years I was attending this school, I would have to say it was an average high school experience. I feel that the school should be more accepting of certain persons and more diverse as a student body. It used to be a Blue Ribbon school of Excellence but now I do not believe that it is. in that case I think that it's students need to be more productive and so do the teachers of the school. Socially you will meet many people and encounter many different personalities which is always a plus because there will always be someone to be your friend.
I liked everything in previous years, this year they are chaining the scheduling to be like surrounding districts and its very confusing. There is two lunches for the whole school and no one will have time to eat. Why fix something that isn't broken?
My experience at Voorhees high school was overall a good one. I was an involved athlete, club member and student, and would say if you do chose to get involved in extracurricular activities you will not regret it. The staff absolutely cared about the students' well being and really got to know the students each year. There is very little diversity at Voorhees as it is located in hunterdon county, nj.
Lots of help from teachers really cared about education and wanting me to learn and be prepared for college.
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Although a very wealthy district, the North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School district is comprised of a very tight-knit community. I attend North, a school with high accomplishments in both academics and athletics, and with some of the most competitive students in the country. The schools offer many AP and advanced classes, SAT Prep courses, and other academic opportunities, while being diverse and competitive in the athletics program. I personally have few complaints, and these are minor, which is why I've rated the district with five stars.
When comparing Voorhees to North Hunterdon, the overall experience is much better in Voorhees. North has very snobby people, disgusting food and the administration is atrocious. There are several excellent teachers, and they make the school bearable. The administration on the other hand, do not care about the students and would rather do as little paperwork as possible, even if it harms the students. If a child is being bullied, the people in charge turn the situation and blame the student to avoid intervening. The heating and cooling systems do not work and the food is not edible. For handicapped students, this school is terrific, for they have an excellent program which really helps them.
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