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I liked how the staff want you to succeed and they encourage you everyday. The schools needs some new improvements, but overall this school is top notch.
North Hills school district is where I went to school and where I would want my future children to do to school. The environment is friendly and the academics really prepare you for the future.
All of the teachers are so kind and caring and really know how to do their job. The thing I would change about this school is how they really dont prepare students for college.
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North Hills is truly different from the other PA public schools. All students want the same ending. To succeed. And the staff at north hills will make sure students get nothing less. Teachers and staff will sit with students for hours on end to fix any problem there is either it is an education issue or social issue. They are doing their absolute best to make school something to look forward to, whether its techno-dance parties in the hallways between classes or putting every effort into every curriculum. North Hills truly is one big family.
North Hills has fairly good curriculum. Most teachers are engaged in learning and want to see students succeed. However the high school lacks good discipline procedures which often hinder teachers ability to create a positive learning environment.
Going to north hills was not a bad thing. I feel like I got a pretty good education, the faculty is so nice, and I had made some amazing friends. The school also has many clubs and activities to offer.
North Hills school district is an amazing place! If I could I would stay there forever! They have so many different opportunities learning, sports, scholarships, trips, and everything around! I truely believe that our school district has the best teachers around no matter what you need or what kind of help you need they are always there! We also have a wonderful principaling staff, and a wonderful group of people in our career resource center that talk to us and help us get ready for college! Out of all the districts close to us and our community I am proud to say what I know about other schools and my school the north hills school district, it is by far the best! With all the amazing help, and opportunities we get to be the best we can be on a daily basis!
North Hills is a great school with a lot of pride. While there are ups and downs, like any school, everyone at North Hills is thankful to be there instead of a different school.
I enjoy the way that school administrators encourage school spirit. We have a lot of rallies for our sports teams and amazing concerts for the bands and choirs. I feel that our school supports all interests and not just one thing. I would like to improve the counseling at our school. There are too many students per one counselor and I believe that if we had more counselors to help people with their issues, there would not be as many acts of violence or fights at school.
Teachers help understand your problems and try to help. The school is small and easy to get around. Average food in the café. Has a great team on the school board. Great sport activities.
good education, safe school,
do away with the paper straws
if you have to raise the price of the lunch meal, so be it because the kids don't get enough to eat
Plenty of opportunities in the technology department. Everyone has access to a computer or Ipad. The school lunch could use some TLC.
There are a lot of course options to choose from. It is similar to a college listing of courses. College preparatory and Advanced Placement courses are abundant. There is little diversity among race or economic status. Teachers are always there to help and ensure success. The counseling office works hard to ensure that we are prepared for our next steps in life. Overall I feel safe at this school and have enjoyed my time there.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time within North Hills School District. The wide variety of sports, clubs and activities around the area mean that you'll not be bored for very long. Almost every on you meet is unique and fun in their own way. You can easily find a job around the area if you are in need of money, and the education you get here is fantastic.
I liked the teachers and the administration and I felt that they did really prepare us for the college and they had many options for classes.
My experience has been amazing. I’ve met many of my best friends and I’ve been given many opportunities to help me be successful in the future. I have developed many qualifying skills by interacting with my teachers. The teachers have made my high school experience much easier and more fun. Teachers have pushed me to make the best deisions and efficiently complete my schoolwork on time. I feel very safe and confident when I walk into North Hills schools.
North Hills is a good school, there are many clubs and activities. The teachers are mostly well prepared. Sports are a big part of school life. The food isn’t very good-a healthy menu should be considered/fresh food like fruits and vegetables. And vegetarian options as well. Many students stay in their own groups and aren’t very friendly with others.
The marching band students are the best though. Many of the parents and students seem stuck up/like they’re better than you.
There is a great variety of classes/
courses to take and college ones also. The school is good but not great.
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It has been great! They really prepare you for your life after high school, whether it is college, trade, or military. The teachers are great too; I couldn't thank them enough.
I feel that North Hills is a good school academically because of the variety of classed a student is able to take. From World Foods to Graphic Design to Apocalyptic Literature. One thing that I did not like about North Hills is the Athletics. The Athletic Department could step up a bit more and find qualified coaches in their intended sports.
I have no real complaints with the school district. For the most part the staff is understanding and genuinely cares, which is something I feel is rare in modern academia.
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