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High School offers many activities and opportunities to grow. Would like to see more shared with students.
The North Haven School District set me on a path for success. There are passionate teachers and resources available to be taken advantage of. The option to take challenging course loads is available.
This school did a good job in offering a helping hand to students that needed it. There is a very comforting environment where students are comfortable which enhances their learning experience. There is an exceptional amount of clubs/sports and after school activities available to students.
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Beautiful middle and high school, teachers and staff are genuine and kind, overall had a great experience.
North Haven High has great staff and teachers. I recently moved here and compared to my old school, the curriculum is better and there are better learning opportunities. I was able to fit in and put forward my best work and even improve myself greater. The work environment is also really good
The school is very welcoming and everyone is very helpful. The teachers and staff do a great job in keeping everything under control and help guide you in the right path. The school and its facilities feel like a second home to me. I always feel as though everyone enjoys where they are.
I enjoyed going through the North Haven School District. Every teacher I had the pleasure of having, was always interested in my success and achievement. The North Haven School District catered to my needs as a student and prepared me to face the approaching challenges of college. As a student who took many AP classes and was involved in 2 sports programs, I can say that North Haven is a well rounded school that really focuses on the student.
North Haven is a community full of people who want to further education. I have found it easy to obtain the resources required for me to get the most out of my education. There are many ways to get involved outside of academics whether a person is interested in sports, music or government. Facilities are maintained beautifully and the new middle school is amazing!
I loved how the teachers were open to helping every student no matter how big the issue. It was a welcoming environment for the students as we took part in one big North Haven family.
Through the four years of attending North Haven High, I've had such a good experience with teachers and students. Here everyone is well respected and well behaved in out tight knit community.
North Haven as a whole is one of the best places to attend school in order to have a successful future. The district as a whole makes education priority, even though the town of North Haven believes football is the only important thing. I feel college ready thanks to my education and experience at North Haven Public Schools.
North Haven High School is a community that promotes "doing good." The school is a positive environment for all high schools ages which provides multiple opportunities for student involvement. The school also provides various out of school opportunities such as paying for and sending a handful of students to the Educational Center for the Arts (ECA) in New Haven.
Overall, North Haven High School is good public school. There are many really great teachers that go out of their way to help students learn and achieve their goals. The academics are moderately challenging, but I think there could be more rigor and higher expectations. The principals are firm, but fair. They take time to get to know the students and build a relationship with them. The sports are excellent and many have won state championships. The coaches are focused on student safety and foster team work and self discipline. Many students attend the games and it creates a strong school spirit. However, there is not a wide offering of other extracurricular activities. The school was recently built and continues to be in good repair. It is a safe place to come with many security features. There is not a lot of diversity in the town of North Haven and the student body reflects that. I am enjoying my time at North Haven High School.
North Haven High School gives students the opportunity to learn and grow, as well as improve upon their knowledge, social skills, and professionalism within a diverse and safe community. North Haven staff is highly helpful and friendly and allows students to feel that they are comfortable when in need of help or encouragement.
all funding and attention was focused on the football team and nowhere else. When the budget was cut, they would take money away from the arts and sciences before even considering touching football team funds.
North Haven has given me such a variety of opportunities that can help me later on with my life. We live in a diverse community and the school climate is so accepting and caring about the students and faculty.
Teachers and administration want their students to thrive and succeed. After school tutoring programs offered twice a week and each teacher stays after a minimum of 30 minutes, or can hold office hours by appointment.
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I enjoyed my high school experience in the North Haven School District. It was a very welcoming environment when I entered freshman year. I was on several sports teams in high school and each were overall a great way to become part of the school community. One thing that I would like to see improved is the AP courses that are given at the high school. I feel that the teachers do not do a good enough job to have the students prepared to take the Advance Placement tests.
North Haven High School is very great school. The teachers are there to help with anything and have alot of after school hours .
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