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North Harrison Community School Corporation Reviews

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North Harrison is such an amazing school corporation. This is my last year attending and I will certainly miss it. The teachers are phenomenal and the staff over all goes over and all out for the students. The students themselves are genuinely nice people. I've never met more accepting and kind people in my life. I moved here from another state and everyone was so welcoming. The only thing that I would change about North Harrison is the budget. A lot of programs are under funded and deserve to be appreciated more.
Small well rounded school Teachers are caring and supportive. There are a lot of opportunities for students in the form of clubs and extracurricular activities.
North Harrison Highschool is very funky fresh as I would say. It has many opportunities for students to have fun and learn before, during, and after school. North Harrison also has teachers that will not just teach but help students on a personal level to make sure they enjoy learning. North Harrison has many sports and other Indiana schools know North Harrison to be a tough competitor. Also in band activities, North Harrison has been known to succeed and dominate competition. North Harrison Highschool is overall a great school and I'm glad to be able to go to it for my education.
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North Harrison High School is so fantastic! I am a part of the band, and it is a wonderful experience. Our sports teams are amazing as well! The games get so intense, and the school spirit is immense! Along with this, the academics are great! The teachers make sure that their students get the education that they need, and they show that they care about our futures. Consequently, North Harrison is a 4-star school. I couldn't be more proud to call myself a North Harrison Cougar!
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