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North Greene Community Unit School District No. 3 Reviews

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North Greene is a small school district. The administrative staff lacks ethic and morals. North Greene would be a great school if they had the right people in charge.
During my high school experience, North Greene hired teachers without certificates, they cared more about sports than academics, and all college freshman had to return for more help because college hit them with a wave of shock. They were unprepared and were extremely behind everyone else .
I think north greene is a good school but most of the rules are not needed. The classes are well kept, but the schedules are out of whack. No senior should have 4 ag classes, seniors should be prepping for college not sitting around doing nothing
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My experience with North Greene school district was less than desirable. I believe a lot could be done to better the school system, but there isn't enough money to make a huge difference. In addition, most teachers don't do their job and don't prepare students for college. That seems to be the biggest problem and can be fixed by getting better staff.
It is small and has a friendly environment to learn in. The teachers are great and they are will ad ready to help you with what ever you are struggling with in your time at north greene high school.
The small-town culture of North Greene is both a positive and a negative quality about this school. With it being so small, it's easy to get one-on-one help with your studies. However, it's not hard to ever have any privacy because everybody knows everybody and their mother. North Greene offers many extra-curricular activities for those who wish to participate in athletics, clubs, theater, and scholastic teams. However, sports come first in this district and are of the upmost importance to this small community. While the academic level is average, it is not the best place for an accelerated student.
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