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North Franklin School District Reviews

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They need more extracarricular activities that are more inclusive for all students. It is lacking in business type classed and too much priority is put on sports.
There is a lot of community involvement since the district spans over 5 different schools. Staff members are helpful at times but not to the best of their ability. Contact between other schools and it’s students/faculty during emergencies also needs to be improved. As well as training faculty for emergencies.
This school is great for any high schooler. It is a small school in which it is great because everyone knows everyone and the teacher pay more close attention to each individual student. It’s facilities are quite aged but not too poorly and the staff is good.
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North Franklin School District has a very good sports program. We are a 1A school but we are very good. We have decent academic programs and many opportunities for College in the Classroom classes. I have already received 40 credits for college.
I enjoy the learning environment that i have here at Connell high school the teachers are really great they always helped me and other students to do our very best
Growing up in the north franklin school district was pleasant. Everyone knew who everyone was so it felt like a community. My dislike was that many of the people in the Connell school district is very close minded and dislike change that could have been possibly helpful.
Great teacher the best principals ever!!!!!! It's a small town with great education I would say great small town to raise your kids in no problems whatsoever I would recommend this school district to everyone!!!!!!
The staff here puts their everything into making this a better school. Some teachers should want to actually teacher, there are some that don't seem to want to be here. The other are great!
I have enjoyed all 12 of my years in the North Franklin School District. The teachers try to keep it interesting and really care about you.
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