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North Fork Local School District Reviews

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North Fork Local School Districts is a poor example of a public school and is not the best place for your kids if you care about there academic progress or there athletic progress. The high school allows students to roam the school by themselves after hours to get into all sorts of mischief.
The teachers within the district strive to ensure that all their students succeed in their classes and as well as in their personal lives. While there are many college prep courses offered, there is not as much variety and offerings as other school districts. The same scenario can be said about the amount of clubs and activities throughout the district. There are two major improvements that the district could make. One improvement is adding air conditioning to the middle school building. The other improvement would be adding a school/resource police officer at least in the high school, if not in every building eventually.
The principles and adminstrators are very hard to work with. They seem uncaring and cold towards students and parents
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There have been some good teachers, but overall not enough to challenge a student. There is a big turnover in teachers which says it all. The boys sports need major changes with better coaching, etc. There needs to more advanced courses and some motivation from teachers, administration for kids to want to learn and stay in school.
This school district isn't very wonderful. Many of the teachers don't know what they are doing and the ones that do leave for other schools or a few have stayed for the kids. The disciplinary system is horrible. They basically condone bullying. When it is happening they don't do anything to stop it.
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