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There is a very close community at North East. Everyone is willing to help one another. There are numerous opportunities for clubs and sports, which are greatly encouraged.
I grew up here and it is a wonderful school district. It is a wonderful community to raise a family and to give your children a wonderful quality education.
The Teachers at North East High School are excellent. They truly work with you and want you to succeed. Our teachers are all very intelligent and trustworthy, they make sure that you know you can talk to them no matter what. Our principal is very good at his job, he genuinely enjoys working at our school. We have at least 3 pep rallies a year which are every students favorite event. Our school is very safe, and we have one police officer in the building at all times. Even though we live in a small town our school has a lot of land filled with things for the students. We have a football field with big bleachers on both sides, and we also have two tennis courts, and two game sized soccer fields. Our middle school and elementary school are both in the same location as well. The lunches at North East are very good, The all time favorite is the Picker Bowl. It is delicious, it is a bowl filled with mashed potatoes, popcorn chicken, corn, gravy, and topped with cheese.
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I like how North East accepts foreign exchange students & that really helps kids learn more about different cultures. I also enjoy spirit week it is always so much fun. Many teachers also get you college ready and that is very important. I am not very fond of the food but everything else makes up for it.
I am a senior at North East High school and it has been the best school I have ever been too, The people are so nice and kind. The food was always making my days better, even the awesome snacks. They have the cool teachers, great classes and activities.
North East School District encourages its students to achieve more and celebrates student success. Students feel safe in the classroom to express their ideas and feelings.
My daughter is in 4th grade. I have been impressed with how welcoming all of the staff are, from the beginning. If we have had a concern, the staff respond immediately and help to resolve any issues.
Through my job, I have been able to be in the middle and high school. Both have impressed me.
I work in many schools in Erie county, while all have great programs and staff, I wouldn't want my daughter in any other school.
The teachers and staff are committed to the learning and development of the students. There is an issue of the "tenure" teachers, which will happen anywhere. The teachers review "tenure", which they have earned, then they will ride out the rest of there time at the school. However they are the exception to the rule. North East is a rural farming country, the diversity is low. However, every year there are multiple exchange students from different countries. There are many after school activities and all the students are involved, it is against the normal to not be involved. The sports are the driving force within the school. Overall, you can honestly see he care the teachers, coaches, and staff have for the students.
I liked the academic challenges I faced, and the love for the arts my school had, but we lacked in diversity.
I've been to three schools and this was so far the best. The teachers are extremely friendly and willing to help. They are excited about the subject they teach. They are some teachers that are truly one of a kind here. The school was renovated about 4 years ago, and the facilities are so much better. We just earned the Blue Ribbon award too.
Overall, my experience with North East High school has been great. The teachers love to teach students as long as the students are willing to learn. We won the Blue Ribbon Award during my junior year. I have learned more than just what classes teach during my time here as well, the coaches teach integrity and respect. The students help one another, and there is not a lot of bullying nor drama.
Good district with some great teachers. They are always looking to help you and want to see everyone be the best they can be
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