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I was a student in NEISD for 12 years. I feel as though I was very well prepared for college and have found the adjustment much easier than others. The teachers at every school I attended were all very eager to help me succeed in any way possible. I was offered some amazing opportunities that have set me up for success for my college career.
The teachers in this school district are very caring, interactive, and passionate. The administration could use some work in being more thoughtful or understanding of situations that put students in a rut. I understand with working with thousands of students is hard to do sometimes but strive for better.
I think NEISD is a really great school district that if you're in you are very privileged to be apart of any schools in this area we don't only have great academics we also have great activity's out side of this.
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NEISD has some outstanding teachers and all of the traditional extracurricular activities that you would expect. However, there are so many students, rules and regulations that it all but extinguishes the most important part of education... creativity and application outside of the classroom. High-achieving students with a desire to attend top-tier colleges will be bored and frustrated as there is very little flexibility to explore ideas outside of the standard classroom curriculum. Students aiming to attend the less competitive Texas state schools should should do well and feel well prepared for college.
NEISD is very a very well organized school district. I have been attending a NEISD for more than 9 years and it has been an incredible ride. It has been a great pleasure to attend a NEISD and meet different people on a day to day basis, the NEISD culture is unbelievably diverse.
As a current student within the North East Independent School District, I feel like I am exposed to a high-quality education. I appreciate the dedicated teachers that go above and beyond to ensure I attain a proficient level of understanding on concepts. In addition, the NEISD provides amazing opportunities relating to my academics. However I would like to see some change in providing more resources, such as student computers, to schools in need.
Neisd is a large district in San Antonio Texas with a lots of schools that participate on it. It offers a wide variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. They are great at preparing students for the SAT and college. One of its main concerns is safety, that’s why they imply a lot of safety rules like the clean backpacks at school. It is also concern about their well being of their students, that’s why they make videos to promote mental health, how to be organize , reduce stress, college among other topics in advisory sessions for the students to be successful.
I love the expirence attending NEISD. Although there has been a new policy issued regarding clear backpacks. This is a big change for everybody, but we can manage throughout the years. Overall the district is a nice area to be around with all the welcoming schools who are friendly and kind.
I have been enrolled in the North East Independent School District in San Antonio, TX since kindergarten and now a junior at Reagan High School. My elementary years I remember as fun and exciting, my middle school years are very formative and my high school years so far as intense and rigorous. This is only because of the classes I take however. That is the wonderful part about the school district, it provides a very diverse array of subjects, one can take with lots of resources at hand, in many large and affordable areas around the city. It's a great district to grow up in!
The school district offers many extracurricular programs. It tends to offer a high quality education at its schools. Some of the schools within the district are very competitive which allows the student to take initiative and focus on school.
I love the community NEISD has put together. The academic readiness program instilled within NEISD schools assures that all students are prepared for further academic success.
Inside NEISD, students are taught Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Success, which help set ethical and academical standards early and often in primary school. Starting in middle school, NEISD offers "magnet programs" that attract students that are interested in a certain field of work. These magnet schools teach you skills that you would need to function in that field, and offer a more advanced course. In high school, these magnet programs continue and help you prep for college via AP courses and skills. Teachers are very understanding and supportive of students joining clubs and organizations, and the fine arts in NEISD is amazing!
Very strong district with good teachers and a strong STEM focus. Athletics are generally well funded. Arts are very strong due primarily to a high level of parent involvement.
Neisd school district is one of the best in San Antonio, throughout all my schooling I’ve noticed that they care about the students. The faculty members work hard to make sure the students feel safe and get the best education possible. However, I would like to see some improvements when it comes to what they spend their money on. For example, instead of supplying schools with better textbooks and supplies that are essential to students they spent millions to build fences surrounding the entirety of each of the campuses.
The teachers have always been wonderful and always open and knowledgeable in the classroom. Very well rounded district and take safety seriously.
NEISD is a diverse school district in which students can grow to their full potential. Their are multiple clubs, all inclusive after school activities, and sports in which students can participate in. Although it is a very good district I believe their is room for growth in facilities such as restrooms , classrooms, and resources for students in need .Classrooms are more often than not old and in need of new appliances and don’t have the nicest technology. With a bit of more funding I believe that the schools could not only look nicer but the students could benefit immensely.
I have loved my high school years, including my wonderful teachers and friends. However, recently my school has become over the top. They just added gates that surround the entire campus. This concerns me for one reason. If there was a threat on campus, it would be very hard to escape and get away from the threat. Besides the many attempts to make the school “safer”, I don’t feel any safer. Besides this, I have absolutely loved school.
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My experience in North East Independent schools Was wonderful. I became a part of north east independent district when I stared 7th grade. I was scared a new city , District and school . However there was no need to be scared I realized everything was great! staff was proficient. The food was okay for being school food . We had everything we needed to be successful. I would not not change anything about North independent school district
NEISD is a relatively friendly district. Teachers are great as well as the students! The classroom environment is free and innovative, a lot of activities keeps the already built culture present and strong.
I loved the environment of the district as a whole. My specific school could have used more diversity both in its curriculum and its student body, but it was still an amazing school and I am proud to say I graduated from there.
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