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The teachers and faculty at North Crawford are very interested in doing what is best for the students. I have had many opportunities to explore future jobs and colleges that interested me and the learning experience is satisfactory. They offer head start programs that help ready you for college including attending virtual college classes taught by certified professors and providing AP classes taught by the teaching staff. Overall, I have had a very positive experience at the North Crawford high school and I would highly recommend this school for students who want to receive a good education and be ready for their future.
It was a good experience. The teachers are very helpful and are willing to stay late to help students. It could help its fine arts program more and give it more attention like they do the sports.
I would like to see teachers and students be more educated on mental illness and mental health. It's something that is very common in high school and to be of any good help to the student, they need to know more about it and how to help the student cope with the illness.
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I've moved to North Crawford's school district in the 7th grade. From that point on it has made a huge impact on my life. Not am I only exceeding in my classes, but I have the most amazing teachers and friends. There aren't the popular kids, the jocks, and the nerdy kids. Everyone gets along with everyone. The environment at North Crawford is so friendly and the teachers truly do care about your future. If I stayed on the path I was on at the school I was previously attending, I honestly wouldn't be sitting down and writing this right now. I'm so thankful for what this school has done for me.
North Crawford is a small school with many opportunities to have one on one time with teachers. Students and encouraged and supported by the staff and community to participate in extra curricular activities. It would be nice to see North Crawford receive a wider variety of clubs and activities to appeal to more students.
Over my 13 years here, I've really enjoyed a lot of the teachers. While there have been a few bad eggs, the majority are really focused on you. The most notable teacher for that would be the Math teacher, Ms.Robel. She is the most dedicated teacher, to making sure you understand what you are learning, that I have ever had the enjoyment of learning from.
North Crawford is a great school! There are many programs available for all kinds of students and the classes are small, so you get to know all of the staff very well. Everybody knows everybody and it feels like home.
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