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North Colonie Central School District Reviews

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I moved to the North Colonie Central School District about a year ago. Each of the classes around 500 kids, and although that may be especially large, it is really easy to find your people. The social groups are all so different, finding your niche is not that difficult. Academia wise, the school has surpassed any and all expectations. The variety of classes that may have to do with your future career or get you to your intended path push you to your limit and then some. Teachers are extremely helpful if you are willing to engage with them, and faculty, in general, do care about their students. Overall, I have had a great experience in North Colonie.
I enjoyed my time at Shaker High School. I always felt supported by understanding teachers who are always willing to help. Teachers are a great support system at Shaker. They become like friends to students. Guidance counselors are also very helpful. I felt very prepared to apply to college with the help of my guidance counselor.
North Colonie Central Schools were overall a great district. Taught us discipline, great academics, and diverse. Some of the rules are a little ridiculous, they are semi strict. The school is super safe, all within 2 minutes of any emergency responders. Most of the teachers are amazing. Really connect with the students, they know what they're teaching and they're super nice. You will 100% be in a safe space and there is almost no fights and no bullying what so ever.
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The North Colonie School District has provided me with a supportive, encouraging, and nurturing environment that allowed me to grow personally, academically, and athletically over the course of my 13 years in this district. The combination of extremely knowledgeable and nurturing teachers, an involved and supportive administration, and top-notch resources give students every opportunity for success during their elementary, junior high, and high school experience. The strong foundation that my North Colonie education has provided will allow me to become a thoughtful, involved, and influential member of our society and the greater world.
I have always loved north colonie because of all the opportunities it provides students. If you have an idea for something you would like to do but it's not offered, you're able to start it yourself with the full support of the staff and administrators. It is also very easy to get involved and be known by people such as the principal and superintendent.
Overall, I had a pretty good experience here in all aspects of the school (academically, in sports, in clubs, etc). Not much to say about it. Yeah, there were late nights with a busy schedule, but that is common for everyone. The one thing I would suggest is more integration within the different academic levels (AP, honors, regents) and more exposure to the different electives offered.
They have great programs that help students and teacher and easy time . They have great sports. They amazing club which good. The support the students received is amazing.
North Colonie Central School District is a highly regarded school system in upstate NY's capital region. The district has comprehensive academic programs; a large variety of clubs and organizations; and Class A sports teams. NCCSD also prides itself on meeting the needs of Special Education students with support systems, resources, and follow through.
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