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North College Hill City School District Reviews

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I really liked how it wasn’t a huge school so most people knew each other and the classes were not too big so it wasn’t as difficult as it would be at a big school to get a little bit of extra help from teachers. Something I would want changed about the district is the violence. We have had a number of fights and killings. I feel like it could be changed if our security put more effort in and step up, north college hill has lost a number of lives in the past three years.
My experience was rough at first because I hardly knew anyone, but overtime as I had more relationships with people the school year became quicker for me. Then next thing you know I am graduating from high school with a great support system behind my back thanks to the staff and teachers. If I was to change the school is to help students get into college more and better resources to gain the knowledge to perform on a college level.
NCH is a nice school! It is alot of fun! WE get rewarded for good behavior and we have fun pep rallies! I would totally recommend you send your kids to Nch. Even though a lot of the kids her are fake and will switch up on you, you should still send your kids here! Thank you for reading this have a good rest of your day
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I loved the teachers also the principal who cares a lot. Although I feel like the sports program can improve collectively. Basketball is the best program there as of right now. The extracurricular activities are really fun and helped me meet new friends. Overall it's not the best school to go to, but my experience there was terrific.
My experience at north college hill high school I had a pretty awesome experience there my freshman and sophomore year once I left for scarlet oaks my junior and senior year the teachers there still contact me and make sure everything is going good here making sure that I know if I ever need help their always there for me.
I resettled in the United States in 2014, ever since then I have been attending North College Hill school. It is a great school. At the very beginning, I did not even speak English but my teacher and friends were kind enough to help me. They made everything easier for me and I was able to keep straight A's my whole first year of high school. These people are really nice and very helpful to each other. Everything is awesome and in a very short amount of time, I was able to make so many real friends. I really love this place.
The school made you feel safe. Some of the teachers would stay after school to help you with your work and make sure you were on the same level as all the other students.
Attending this school is a bit of a struggle, especially when majority of the students don't have a plan for their future, but it does help in a way. When you find yourself in that kind of atmosphere you tend to find people that have the same outlook life no matter how different the path is for them. I can honestly say the ones who are looking to better themselves or is willing to help others is the reason why I push myself. The academics could be better depending on what class you take, but other than that the teachers are willing to help you no matter what the case may be. Attending this school makes me stick with the quote, "no matter how big you get, never forget where you come from."
North College Hill is a great school if you like a homey place for school. However, they treat you more like you are in middle school. You have little to no freedom. Most teachers there do not really care about their student expect for a select few. And favoritism s very noticeable.
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