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North Clackamas School District Reviews

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They have some problems with funding the smaller schools but other than that, they work really well to help students to the best of ability and advocate for every students rights.
I felt I was sufficiently college prepared by the time I graduated with most of the teachers going out of their way to explain the inner workings of colleges and universities. The sheer amount of construction in the district renders many facilities unusable, however that is subject to change in the future.
The district is pretty hospitable. The schools are pretty safe, and harassment appears to be attended to. The resources, courses available, overall social construct, are pretty diverse. What would be nice to see changed is discipline; many students love the vivacious prospects of clout, status, and popularity, while forgetting the basic fundamentals of serenity and peace in life, such as enjoying simple things like nature. There are many kinds of students but also many closed minded students.
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I learned that in clackamas high school is surrounded by many kind and helpful students that want to be successful in their future, i also learned that there is low diversity in Clackamas HS environment and we treat everyone with respect.
The North Clackamas Schools are great. I attended the North Clackamas schools since elementary and I wouldn't have it any other way. My high school and middle school years are unforgettable. There is a sense of community in those schools. If I could change one thing about these schools, I would remodel the elementary schools. They are old, one-story brick buildings. Despite this, I still loved the school.
I like all the different classes available to students but the buildings are out of date and are too small for the student populations in them.
My experience being part of North Clackamas School District has been good. Though I hope to see more people involved into helping the district become more better.
It is more like a family and less like a school, everyone is really nice. Being in this school makes me feel like I can open up to people, being here is like a safety zone where it doesn't matter who you are or what your background is, you will always be accepted.
They always provided necessary services, and never failed to provide a good education. As a student who has been apart of the district since first grade all I can really say is that the teachers have always been incredibly kind and caring. They never failed to help students, and through the years they have all shown a constant dedication for teaching. Aside from a few loose end teachers that weren't so kind. However as times have changed there have been plenty more new experiences and a new environment that feels a lot more welcoming and safer than ever before.
I really like the central point for technical/professional studies. It has allowed me to try different areas (like radio broadcasting, engineering, culinary arts, law enforcement, to see if it is my niche. The availability of AP courses is also a plus.
The North Clackamas School District has provided me with many resources that I would not have access to otherwise. From kindergarten up until now, I can see how much care and support the faculty provide for their students. I have been taught to succeed for not only my support system but myself as well. My academics have become a very important part of my life, and I constantly have the desire to make my former teachers proud.
The North Clackamas School District is just about as good as you would expect a school district to be.
I spent all 12 years k-12 in NCSD and loved it the whole way. The people really made the difference at NCSD. Everyone I worked with whether they were a teacher, administrator, coach, etc., all really cared. The education was of high quality, I attended Rex Putnam HS and had the option to take IB classes or receive an IB diploma, which was a wonderful opportunity.
I went through this District K-12. It has it's ups and downs but overall I think it's a good school district with a lot of places its still growing in.Elementary was super fun. Middle school was okay and high school was probably better than most people will admit... That said there were some teachers that stand out for being cool and helpful and others a bit more rough.
I definitely liked the sports program with the high schools and how it was divided through state divisions. (Ex. 5A, 6A, etc.) The people and teachers for the most part were nice and well educated. The food on the other hand was poor; the cheapest quality you could have and not very nutritious in my opinion. Overall, its average since most schools would probably be the same.
The teachers are awesome, however a lot of the classrooms where crowded and the school was underfunded. I really love the atmosphere that it created while attending there.
I spent all of my time in grade school in the North Clackamas School District. I made great connections with a lot of my teachers and other faculty members. In high school, Rex Putnam was the perfect size because it had tons of different types of kids but still felt more like a community rather than a big school. There was a great curriculim that was challenbging, and prepared me for college. The teachers were kind and always willing to give extra help.
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I go to Rex Putnam High School, which is in the North Clackamas School District. I have loved going here during my 4 years in High School, I have had so many new and different opportunities that I wouldn't have had if it wasn't for Rex Putnam.
I have been up and down in schools moving from one to other . What I like about north Clackamas district is that they take time to get to know you and put you in class that are right for you and know that you will learn. They also check in with you to see if your doing good or if you need help. They have a lot of sources to get you around

The district made you feel welcome in the environment. I had transfer different districts and it was a great change yet Clackamas made it safe and the staff that works there are full of light. They help out each and every student to get them ready for the adult life.
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