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North Chicago School District No. 187 Reviews

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It was very diverse experience for a military family stationed in the area. The help that was given towards preparing for college was outstanding.
It was a very good 4 years at north Chicago, felt like I grew throughout the years. Leadership wise grew a lot, my voice was heard. I had very good connections with the teachers and was treated with respect. Treated like I was a very important person because of my accolades in sports. And made me comfortable to be apart of the high school and showing school pride.
I like the fact that the students work well together no matter what is thrown at them. The staff is very informative when it comes to the students work and correcting behavior.
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Being a student at North Chicago Community High school I have experienced both good and bad situations. The diversity isńt that wide, but thatś part of what made me feel welcomed. I do not feel that I am ready for college completely but I do feel as if I have the social skills to ask for help when needed. North Chicago is like a family who didn´t go to college or wasn´t very successful... they expect you to learn from their mistakes, support you no matter what the choice maybe and genuinely care about you as a person and not just a student. I am grateful to go to a school where I face real life situations everyday , but I am also jealous of the schools where they have so much more than us.
My experience with North Chicago Community High School is average. There are plenty of things that could be better when it comes to my school, but other than that, there are a few things that I like about the school. I feel as if the school curriculum is not as challenging as it should be. Some classes are very easy compared to other classes. The security guards aren't as best as they could be. There are certain staff members who are very beneficial when it comes to the students at NCCHS. Some of the staff members grow bonds that become very strong between them and the students, they push the students to do things to the best of their abilities. There are some coaches who guide the students to be the best that they can be and to never give up on yourself. They want you to be the best, and do positive things with your life.
I like how the school is fixing up the school to make it more appealing to the students n parents... I would like to see more parent involvement and I would like to see the district reach out more to the parents.
The school is a great learning place. But it also depends on the student, if you are eager to learn and are there for the right reasons then it will be a great learning place and many opportunities will open up for you. but if you're not there for the right reason, then it will seem like it's a horrible place.
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