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North Canton City School District Reviews

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North Canton School District is a nice community. There is a strong focus on academics as well as sports in the school system. The school system as a whole has excellent teachers from elementary to high school. Parent involvement is strong throughout all the schools. The high school offers many different career pathways and college credit plus classes for a wide range of interests.
Most of the teachers were very good and I was very prepared for college. The administration is lacking. It was a pleasent place to be overall and I had a pretty good high school experience. However some of the athletic coaches are not great. The school is not very diverse, but the school culture is not bad.
Legit hate this school district so much. The teachers creep me out and someone is getting fired each year on sexual assult charges. And yeah sure they say its safe but i have been to many schools and the kids at hoover are by far worse then every other school ever
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The North Canton City School District , in my opinion, is very good for all families. I love all the teachers there and everyone there is very willing to help. Any time I needed help with a subject or was struggling in any case, a friend of teacher was always there to help me out. If I were to change anything about the district, I would possibly add more opportunities (there are already a ton) and implement even more technology. The NCCS District has already done a great job with using technology, but there is so much more they could be doing.
North Canton sets high standards for education as well as its athletics. The school district is able to challenge its students and encourage them to get tools to learn. Many of the teachers are very helpful and there are a variety of clubs and activities to participate in. The only thing I wish would change is the attitude of many of the students who can be immature and annoying at times.
Diversity and a sense of community!! You feel like you are HOME the minute you step into the city of North Canton!! The city offers colleges, work opportunities, parks, shopping and so much more!
I think that North Canton City Schools has given me a great education. They have good teacher and skilled administrators. We have good resources in technology from Chromebooks to a fablab for our engineering classes.
I overall had a great experience at this school district. I learned a lot and felt prepared for college.
Lived in norhtcanton 16 years raised three kids in this school district I feel its the best! The best teachers a mom could ask for!
North Canton Hoover High School is located in a great community and provides many opportunities for students.
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