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North Brunswick Township School District Reviews

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High schoolers should be able to have their own laptops to take home. In addition, the school should be renovated so that there are no unnecessary days off from school such as instances involving mold.
I have had some excellent teachers that truly care about you and want you to understand the material fully, but I have also had teachers that were not good. The school offers a wide range of classes, sports, and extracurriculars. You will be surrounded by a variety of different people, so you're exposed to all races and cultures. However, some rules are just excessive or unnecessary, and the administration could do a better job of solving problems and listening to students.
My experience at North Brunswick Township High school was very limited. We did not have a lot of clubs and organizations as other schools. I would like to see change in the school funding. Senior Trips, school spirit , and even organizations in school should make it enjoyable for students.
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I just finished my Freshman year in the high school. I came from a small charter school and was excited to see how much the school had- good teachers and a lot of activities. It made my year great!
They have a very big swimming pool and care greatly about sports. There isn't Much stress on academic subjects as there is on extracurriculars.
Teachers were relatively friendly. Lacked some technology (ie more classrooms should have been equipped with smartboards).
North Brunswick schools are a great place to get an education. The town is not too big and everyone is friendly and accepting. The classes are diverse and expansive. The teachers are all extremely caring and helpful when it comes to extra help. The guidance department is very helpful in college preparation and scholarship application processing. North Brunswick loves school spirit and the community is very involved with helping the school and its activities through sponsorships and donations. If you are looking for a good town and a great school system, North Brunswick is the place to go. The Board of education does an amazing job and the arts at North Brunswick have been awarded as one of the best on the east coast
I love the diversity within the students at my school. However, I would have liked to see the faculty reflect the diversity of the town in order to cater to the needs of all of the people.
At Brunswick Township High School you get a sense of what America truly is. My school is extremely diverse with excellent thinkers. Going to school everyday provides me with the skills I need to succeed in life. My school is all about hard work North Brunswick High fight you with a great teaching staff, passionate students, and supportive parents. Being at North Brunswick High School it pushes me to my limits of greatness. Although challenging, I like the fact that I actually go there and learn something new everyday.
North Brunswick townships schools has honestly prepared me for college in a way that I think no other school would have been able to. As the years go by, students are more respectful and acknowledging towards the cultures that are pervaded upon the school. The school has become stricter but I know its for the best of the upcoming classes. This school and it's students made conclude that I want to serve the community because I want to make a difference in the world. The clubs this school offers made aware of the importance of giving back go the community and helping out individuals. The club that has impacted me the most has been Key Club because it taught me the importance of making children smile no matter the circumstances.
It is a close-knit community that has always felt safe. Student's families and faculties and staff are know eachother well and work together.
I began attending North Brunswick Township High School as a sophomore. I came from a private school and had to transition to the different environment. I was able to adapt with the help of teachers and school workers. I became very sick and was out of school for over a month. They were extremely helpful with getting me back to school and finishing my work. It is a diverse community that is very accepting with fantastic staff that made it enjoyable to go to school every day.
My experience as a student in North Brunswick Township Public Schools from 5th to my now senior year was moderate. I personally believe we as a district can improve, and it would be nice for administrators to give students a voice for expressing what they would like to change about the environment they are in every weekday.
It had a good atmosphere, very diverse. They’re were many people that can help you to get involved in whatever you were interested in. The school district had a lot of clubs in the highschool for anyone and everyone to be involved in some way. The schools always were very secure. Having security guards but they’re were never to many to where you felt uncomfortable.
The schools were very help and got me ready to go to college. I played soccer and lacrosse and enjoyed being part of a team. It built my confidence and helped me to be a better person and friend.
NBTHS is a very safe environment as well as diverse community which made me enjoy my four years of HS.
One thing I liked about NBTHS was that there was a large variety of AP and Honors classes to take. However, these classes are not as diverse compared to the rest of the school.
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I found my time at North Brunswick Township High School to be very valuable. By taking college- prep courses I found myself to be more prepared for the workload of my courses in college. In addition, the honors and AP classes that I took transformed me into a stronger writer and an overall better student. NBTHS also has a very diverse community, comprised of people coming from different ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds. By working alongside people whose experiences and views diverge from my own, I was able to make connections and learn through a variety of new perspectives. When engaging in my college classes I found that many of the skills that I had learned at North Brunswick Township High School gave me an advantage in my transition from high school to college.
I have lived in North Brunswick for 10 years. I have went to the elementary school, middle school, and high school and they are amazing.
I like all the activities that are offered in the building. The cultural diversity is immense here. What could use work are teachers that actually enjoy teaching. There are too many teachers in this building that do not value the student or put forth the work to help students learn. Another problem is that teachers don't know how to teach and the ones who do, teach you how to take a test. I can count 3 teachers who actually value a child's education and care whether they learn something useful or not.
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