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I love the close-but community North Branford high school shows. Everyone knows one another and students share great relationships with their teachers. Something that definitely should be changed is an updated version of our school. It has been the same since they’ve built it in the 60’s and the heating/cooling system is unfunctional.
It's a small school so there isn't that much drama and everyone knows each other. Most of the people in town are close, but the school itself isn't in good shape. The walls are painted terribily and the tiles on the floors are mostly all broken.
Teachers connected well with their students but others did not. No resources and very bad policies for encouraging bad behavior.
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I like the small town aspect, everyone in the school is like the family. I wish the arts were not considered lower level and that there were more opportunities to take a variety of classes.
North Branford is a fantastic environment with excellent teachers who are willing to help their students succeed!
Pretty good! Good teachers and a safe environment to be in. Friendly kids and teachers that make you feel welcome.
North Branford high school try's to make the best with what it has, in some aspects it is successful but in others, not so much. Many of the teacher actually care about teaching and the students, but others such as Chris Webster have verbally harassed students calling them "embarasments to watch". The administration is inept when dealing with bullying. The focus of the administration is on controlling students use of vapes so much of the issues with bullies and problems with the school climate are ignored and frankly it is disgusting.
The staff at the school was very helpful. They made the transition very easy and uneventful. I came from out of distract and was very nervous. The staff is friendly. They helped me to realize that foreign language teaching will be a great fit for me for my future.
Close knit community. Most teachers take an interest in your success and make themselves available to you fir extra help either before school, study halls or after school. Others care there just biding their time and do not have a vested interest in their students. There should be a more uniform approach as to grading, late work acceptance/credit, quickness of posting grades, posting homework, etc. Each teacher has their own set of rules which can effect your grade tremendously if you're the unlucky student who has the non-flexible/noncompliant teacher.
The teaching staff are always extremely helpful and genuinely care about their students, however the buildings need to be better maintained. The high school is becoming run down as the years pass, but the staff continues to be great.
I enjoyed my four years at North Branford High School because I was able to develop a core group of teachers I could seek out for support inside the books and outside of them as well. High school is a very hard time to try and figure out who you are and what you are going to do after you graduate and that can add a lot of overwhelming pressure. The teachers at this school genuinely care and will help guide you towards the healthiest path. I would like to see a change in how challenging the classes are.
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