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Yes terrible. Henton has no idea what she is doing. Bullying is an issue that does not get addressed. Has been a problem for almost two decades now. Kids can't focus and Deb Henton continues to push for ego stroking recognition through her technology awards.
North branch was a wonderful highschool i miss it more and more everyday i miss the people i graduated with and all the fun we had
North Branch is the only school I ever went to so I might be a little biased. North Branch teachers are friendly and caring. They care about you and your life. (not just their paychecks). I enjoyed going to school here and wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else.
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I would like better equipment for the musicals and shows we put on because I feel like they put too much into the sports.
The teachers are great but it's the higher ups that don't seem to care about the students. They cut classes that students were excited for and it was classes that you help you get a career in the long run, they took those classes out so they can redo some rooms like the cafeteria. The schools seem to care more about appearances than teaching kids.
This high school did not prepare me well for my first year in college, I passed every class with easy A's and minimal work. I would like to see them get new administration and more classes with harder criteria for the upperclassman in high school. Also, support the kids who choose to go to bigger public schools.
My favorite part about this high school is spirit week! Everyone becomes very involved! Staff is very welcoming and engaging in class! The sports are always fun to watch and participate in!
My experience in North Branch High School was a good one. I enjoyed my last four years of high school. One of the things that I would like to see change is their policy on bullying as well as other things but that is one of the biggest things I'd like to see change.
Don't move here or enroll your kids here! We have fought with the school for five years and it's time to protect our kids by moving. The school refused to follow our older son's IEP. He now does online schooling. Our youngest son has been beaten so badly on the bus that he was covered in blood. He also had his arm broken by a classmate during recess. Our daughter was constantly taken into locked rooms and questioned by male administration with no witnesses. There are maybe three decent teachers in the whole district!
The teaching staff is amazing! They truly care about their students and their success. When I was in high school my teachers were always trying to help me do better. They truly wanted their students to succeed and be ready to further their education.
I enjoyed the small class sizes and the activities. The classes were not too challenging and helped prepare us for college. The staff was friendly and tried to make sure to not leave anyone behind. The facility was not the greatest quality but this was due to low funding. As the years went on however, grants were given to update the cafeteria and library.
NBHS has been one of a kind. Pretty good education and such, the kids are hicks but they are very very very kind. Always helpful. Only problem is that NB is not very diverse.
Amazing, dedicated staff, who care about every student and family that walks through the district. Small class sizes make students feel like the teacher is helping and teaching each one of them.
The teachers are great and willing to work with you. They are student oriented and willing to work with you to help you get better. Very friendly. Administration isn't very good.
North Branch has an atmosphere that allows kids to succeed and develop strong relationships with not only their peers, but their teachers too. The district as a whole is underfunded, which results in larger class sizes, and old items in all of the rooms. Overall my experience has been great!
I find these anonymous review systems to be questionable. If you are unsure about North Branch Area Public Schools, call for a tour and set-up a meeting with an administrator, counselor or social worker. Every school district in the state of Minnesota works hard to deal with possible bullying issues and budget cuts. If you want to have all the amenities like schools in Minnetonka or Edina- you got to pay for it. Operating levies and referendums pour money into these kinds of districts which draws more affluent families to those areas. It isn't rocket science.
North Branch School District is terrible for Special ED Kids and not much better for general education students.
Not all the teachers are poor but I do think they could work with parents more as opposed to not at all. The unwillingness from teachers to work with parents is appalling. The Teachers work with parents a bit better in the elementary school, but after that you are on your own. Do not expect this district to take concerns seriously. The district staff is a joke, not all but the major players are. Safety is not taken seriously, in schools or on the bus. Bullying is a huge issue in this school by students and staff.
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North Branch has a very poor choice in staff. There is also many problems with staff helping students when they need it weather it is academic or not. The teachers here are bullies themselves.
North Branch Public Schools is a good place to get an education, but it is up to you how far you take it. In high school, students have the option to do PSEO or take college in the schools courses. This is the best option to get you prepared for college. You will also gain a lot of credits which will help in the long run. Teachers look out for your best interest and they truly are there to help the student learn.
North Branch schools is trying to do things to improve their campus, but it is underfunded, and there are massive cuts every year. It seems like most of the teachers who get cut are the ones who truly care. Sports teams are a joke, and have no money. Community does not support the schools.
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