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What I enjoyed most about North Branch High School is how little people attend there. Watching your friends grow up and growing up with them is amazing.
We moved from Birmingham School District in Oakland County. NB is by far a perfect small town school, we couldn't ask for better teachers, fair admin staff, kind support staff and a welcoming student body. Best move for my children, can't say enough!
Staff at the high school are wonderful. Everything and everyone rates fabulous except Ruth Stover-Lang... she is horrible and doesn’t belong in a position of responsibility.
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North Branch is a rural community and the citizens and schools share a conservative view of life and education. We do not have the problems that some larger city schools have to deal with such as drugs and crime. North Branch schools are safe and we have quality teachers.
The school is an ok school but the academics aren't that greatest on top of the some of the coaching staff amongst the selected coaches are a cupel of not the greatest.
I like how close the community is with one another. Since it’s such a small group of people, we really get to know almost everyone in our grade. It makes students more confident.
I loved that North Branch Area Schools (NBAS) were smaller schools. This allowed for more one on one time between the instructor and the student. Having smaller class sizes really allows the teacher as well as the student to be more academically focused. One thing that I would like to see changed at NBAS is the amount of student involvement. I think that all the students and staff should be working together to come up with more ways to get students involved with the school district as well as the community. I think more students becoming involved would also be beneficial to the student academics. For example the students could be spending more time doing educational or volunteering activities rather than athletic or other non proactive activities.
It’s a fairly small school that doesn’t implement a 5-point grading scale for those who are in AP classes. They have limited programs for those who go above and beyond and take so much time focusing on the struggling kids and those without work ethic that they leave the devoted on their own.
There are a variety of clubs to join, giving you the resources to discover more of what you are interested in!
As a recent alum, North Branch is where I grew up and called home for years. The school atmosphere is fun and the teachers are good. The way the sports funds could be conducted differently because of the lack of support to other programs besides volleyball. If your looking for an average education that will somewhat get you ready for college then this is the place.
North Branch is a friendly community. The students and teachers are always there to lift each other up, especially in tragic times. The athletics are improving every year. Everyone thinks the volleyball team gets everything, but little do they know that they pay out of their own pocket for their gear every single year. There are multiple things to get involved in at this school and it will always be my home.
I went to North Branch my whole life and the teachers are excellent and like to see you succeed. The only thing I would like to see is maybe some more life skills learned in high school to help as an adult.
There is a strong sense of community within North Branch, which is something everyone can appreciate. The school district's food service could use some work, school lunches elicit many complaints with regards to food appearances, etcetera.
I really liked that it's such a small town. Everybody was friends with eachother and there was never a bullying problem. The teachers were great and helped the students in every way they could. I would change the school a little by making it more diverse.
I myself gradutated here, and seeing staff that truly care and work with yhe kids is awsome. Only down side is the lunch program is to short for children to cram food down their throats in such a small amount of time .
I transferred here my freshman year. I think it is a great school system, with great teachers and academic choices.
I like that the teachers are always there to help someone if they need it, they are very supportive. I wish they would change how much money they out towards their volleyball team though, they put to much time and effort in to the team and it's extremely unnecessary.
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All the teachers are very welcoming, and are always helpful. They treat every student as an individual and do not try to let people fall behind. Very understanding, and an overall wonderful setting for learning.
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