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I attended the North Bergen school district and had a good education. The only bad thing was the food and some of the teachers.
I love the environment that the teachers have created for the students and how they treat them. I would like to see changes in the education system with standardized testing.
I went to school in the 70's when there was a higher quality of education in North Bergen, NJ. Unfortunately it has gone downhill over the years. Hopefully it will reclaim its once academic status which sent many students to great universities.
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To tell you the least this school does it’s best to keep everything in order, but they seem to fail drastically. Although they do try their best and sometimes can’t seen to understand their students they do try to do the best to keep us educated.
I would like to change right about everything with this school, from the teachers all the way to the students. Especially the college preparatory.
My daughter attends the North Bergen school district. During the first day of Parent Teachers conference, I sat down where my daughter sits. Incredible enough, two of the 4 legs were shorter and the desk kept bouncing back and forth. I was told about two to three years ago the school was implementing one of the best music programs with plenty of instruments; still waiting for the music program. North Bergen is ranked around 200 or worst, depending if elementary, middle, or high school. Ranking in all three levels is way low. Some teachers are great but without good resources, the school will continue to rank low. For sports, my daughter was part of the basketball team; she had to wear used t-shirts that were practically breaking apart. Reduce the bureaucracy and increase funding for schools. For college, the average SAT is around 1000 of 1600 points. The high school students don't have a chance for good scholarships with those numbers
The best part of the school would have to be the teachers but overall the school could use some changes
I would like for there to be more funding for everything else besides the athletics departments, especially more funding for the art classes. I would like to see more help in preparing for college and the future. I like the concern for security but the school needs more funding to handle all the students in the school. Overcrowded hallways is also an issue. More funding in other departments could help increase the schools quality because we would be able to afford new supplies and build up other areas of the school, better food, prevent leaks and the elevator breaking for the students who need it.
‪I enjoyed my time in North Bergen high school as a student and fan of our great sports teams. But I wish we could’ve had more hand on activities in class. Or classes that prepared us for the jobs we plan to attain or majors we plan to pursue‬.
North Bergen school district is predominately Hispanic. It is very diverse and teachers are very understanding of the financial situation of many of the kids. The food and funding for sports and clubs should change. However I have met so many amazing teachers that are always there for you as long as you are putting in the work. From kindergarten to 8th grade I was in the North Bergen school district and I loved it.
I am in a few AP courses so I have a good environment to learn and grow as a student. The school lacks in places like overall quality of happiness in students. It also lacks in making sure the students are well enough equipped for college. Above all however, it does not teach students how to be a good person and how to handle financial responsibilities like taxes, loans, and how to buy acquire big purchases like a car or house.
Great school. I went there for four years and graduated from there . i hope to teach there one day. the school is filled with great teachers and staff. They provide the students with education and fun times.
The North Bergen School district strictly focuses on the education of a child, preparing them for high school and higher educational levels.
It could have been a lot better, the school and faculty have potential, but some students are not challenged and encouraged enough.
It is an honor to be an alumni at North Bergen School District. For example, the faculty at each school whether it be a middle school or high school, was awesome. They actually cared about the students becoming a worthy young adult, instead of just drilling simple vocabulary words and math problems. This school district changed who I am today. I have always enjoyed school but, being able to become apart of the sports section was even more incredible. I learn about myself a lot. Thank you North Bergen.
I am an alumni from 2006. I don't feel I was prepared for life after high school.
I had great teachers and learned many different things. My grades were always above average and yet, none of that mattered 2-3 years after leaving NBHS. My review is more geared towards the current structure of education.
Things may have changed since I was a student at NBHS.
The school needs to work more with the students specially with the process of college everything we have to do its by ourselfs there are many websites that we don't know about it and they don't even tell us but other than that is a school that needs a lot of work
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North Bergen school district school need to be enforced more. As far as cops doing there job, they need better prepared cops. The cops in high school just stand do nothing all day and talk to girls.. They need better staff working in the office, guidance sand attendance office. The food is trash in every school. School need more resources.. The book are a total disaster. North Bergen school districts are a completely hot mess.
My experience in the North Bergen School district was really good. Overall, i learned a lot. The teachers are willing to help you in whatever you need to make yourself a better person
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