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All of the teachers are very friendly, the only thing I would change is having more opportunities for students.
North Bend High school has recently come under fire about allegations of a former high school principle. This high school principle was one of the most professional and well rounded human beings in the administration.
I loved all the teachers and staff at North Bend. They all worked hard to see their students succeed in both the academic and athletic fields, and provided them with various college opportunities. Overall the experience was well worth the time I invested in my studies and I am better off because of it!
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North Bend School District is compiled of many great teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff. There are many opportunities for students to flourish and be encouraged in their learning. From special education to honors programs, North Bend tailors its educational goals to meet the needs of each and every student.
Being a student here has granted me success and happiness. The teachers here are great and while I am a middle school student I haven't been to the High School or the second Elementary school. However, I've heard great things about them. The electives are great and vary from music, arts, and sports. The lunch is... okay, could use some tuning up. I have had no problem with bullying being at these schools and I am one of the more pick-onable kids at the school. The rules are fair and I can understand most of them. Overall great district.
This school goes through its ups and downs. Overall, the teachers are kind and understanding except for an occasional few.
In general, the teachers are what makes this school district as good as it is. However, with that said, there is a disconnect where issues only ever get solved when they get too big to handle. In terms of the High School, there's some known drug use happening, but not much is done to alleviate or change it. If you're an avid sports fan, the school has a good environment for that. With that said, the culinary and art departments aren't as represented and the teachers work tirelessly to keep their departments seen by students and offer opportunities to the student body.
I like that our school distract has a zero tolerance of bullying and consequences are taken beneficially such as community service for anyone that bullies one another. I love how our school distract accepts everyone's sexual preferences and races.
Administration is kind and helpful and despite the huge scandal this year about our principal making gay kids read the bible, it is still a happy place to be. Peers are accepting and encourage others to be the best they can be.
North Bend school district has caring teacher's that invest in their students and administrators that set high expectations. The school district also sets priorities for their money distribution. They make an effort to accommodate every child's needs and interests.
This school district allows its high school students to take college courses both at the college and on campus at the high school where certified teachers teach the classes Through this program we earn dual credits which is amazing! Also, the staff are really supportive of the students and encourage all students to do their best and are great role models for the next generations to come.
The school is small, but the teachers put focus on individuals to help you succeed. Apart from teachers the other faculty could do better to help students succeed.
Great highschool. They gave me the opportunity to start college early and get ahead of everyone else. The community is great and supports the school heavily. NBC is a great choice for a quality highschool education
Well maintained incredible sports facilities and the teaching is fantastic the only issues is the politics.
They do a good job of offering help with preparing you for college and getting you ready for college. I would like to see a change in electives such as varied PE classes and more writing classes as an elective.
north bend school district does a great job with academics and sports. they have great teachers and lots of different classes to choose from. its very easy to get your required credits and graduate on time or even before the rest of your class
I love the teachers. They help students at the drop of a hat. I wish the school had enough money to fund the science and health classes.
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North Bend is a very family oriented town, school, and community. The school works hard to keep students and parents interested in the schools activity's including sports and clubs.
North Bend schools are great if you want to attend average ranked four year universities or play sports at lower division colleges. Overall, the administration itself is a shame, while the schools lack culture and diversity.
Although the needs of students are sort of ignored, we are taught well and I guess that is what matters.
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