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North Beach School District Reviews

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Well their food is pretty nasty there isn’t a great selection. There is a lot of behavioral problems and cussing. A bunch of teachers quit because of the behavior. There school maintenance needs an upgrade. But a lot of the teachers are really nice and we’re always sad when they leave. They try there best but sometimes it’s not enough. There’s a “library” ( it’s not even close to a library). The kids are nice to other kids I usually never see bullying.
The North Beach School District is an average school district. It has a lot of problems, but also some upsides. The community is very supportive of the students. There are problems with the administration though.
I like North Beach because it is a nice atmosphere. Everyone gets along for the most part. I think the academics need some help though.
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They have good teachers, and care about how well the students do in class. North beach school district is vary good at how they manage there classrooms. The principle is very nice but stern with the students as needed. They make the day run very smoothly and make it enjoyable to be there
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