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North Babylon Union Free School District Reviews

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North Babylon High School is a safe, facility friendly, involved school. From having meditation day to having challenge week. It varies everyone’s liking while giving the students the proper education that they need to go on into the real world. Giving their students a voice and speak for what is right for themselves and the world.
As I spend all my four years there in high school, it flew by so quickly that I just realized I already graduated.
Teachers were extremely supportive and were there when you needed them. Whenever you needed to stay after for extra help, they made sure that the information you needed to learn was met, and would not go home until you felt confident and comfortable with the material. They made sure that we felt that they only wanted to watch us succeed, not fail.
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Don’t underestimate this school district. I’ve grown a lot during my time here. The experiences you gain in this diverse and spirited environment will be something you’ll be grateful for, especially once you find your time here coming to a close. Everyone that goes here is capable of great things whether they realize or not. You simply need to take advantage of all the opportunities offered instead of letting them pass you by. Many of the teachers I’ve had have been excellent academically and beyond. Participate in sports as we are amazing at a majority of them.
As a parent, we are so happy we made North Babylon our home and raise our children here. The school district and its teachers are top notch. Our children love the schools and teachers.
Probably one of the most horrible experiences in my life I should have been home schooled... a total of 3 people that work there that I love and trust
As an alumni, it was a very cliquey school. The guidance office was a joke, and the rules for atendance were very unpredictable. During my last year the attendance policy was changed twice in the same school because it was so sudden. There isn't much diversity at all, and the school is careless when it6 comes to the arts. It cares more about its sports performance and puts more money towards that rather than anything else. Even the science department wasn'
In my experience at North Babylon, I had a lot of different clubs and activities available to me. These activities kept me involved in school as well as keeping me engaged in school life. This helped transform me into a well rounded student. In order for students to be involved in clubs, they had to be in good academic standing, which helped students to stay focused on school work while enjoying activities that interest them.
Excellent schools! Very diverse, and the teachers care so much. They have so much to offer in sports/music/extra curricular activities.
My kids have had an awesome experience. The teachers care and can be accessed. We loved the elementary school
I graduated from North Babylon in 2015. One of the best things about North Babylon was its diversity. This school is one of the most diversified in Long Island and it made it into such a great experience. However, the College readiness was not that well. I attended community college right after I graduated, and I knew the school did not prepare me as much as they should.
I like my school because they aren't too strict but also aren't too lenient. There are a lot of teachers who care about their students. The con is the dirty bathrooms and abnoxious students but everything else it pretty good.
I’ve been at North Babylon High School for 4 years. It’s senior year and man, will I miss this place. It’s where I became who I am today and I will never forget all the great memories I had here. It’s going to be hard saying bye to all my friends and teachers that I’ve grown relationships with, but I feel like this school has made me ready to take on the world.
I have lived in the North Babylon school district all my life. I attended Parliment Place Elementary School, then went on to Robert Moses Middle School and graduated North Babylon High School in 2015. Throughout all the years I attended school the teachers and staff were very kind and thoughtful to each individual student. I played sports and the couches were great. I was president of Student Government and Vice President of Students for a Better World, so I was very involved in school. I also ran two blood drives which were great experiences.
Most teachers are very nice and develop a bond with their students. However, there is a lot of work involved, especially for those, like me, in all honors and AP classes. This amount of work can lead me to stress and make me not focus on the assignments. Also, most students are nice and some are very rude. My experience has involved a very wide spectrum of emotions.
I liked that I felt as if the teachers actually cared about teaching students material and were able to make the material easy for them to understand.
north Babylon schools are very good education-wise, the students are hard to control by administration and they were always fights and gang violence
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Throughout my high school, middle school, and elementary school years I faced difficulties but I succeeded in the end. It was a crazy experience for me. I got involved in some activities in junior high and I passed all my classes. It was stressful at times but it all went well. I successfully graduated and got my diploma which I have been working for my whole life.
I had only a few teachers who I could say were actually good teachers, but between the problems at the school and the constant hysteria around certain topics, I did not enjoy my time enrolled here.
I like North Babylon High school District because it's a great school and the teachers give they all, they make sure the students learn something by the time They graduate. Overall everything is pretty much good.
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