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Its a great school district with good high school which can develop any kid prepared for highly selective colleges..
I am an upcoming senior at North Attleborough High School and my public high school experience has been great! I transferred from a charter school and I was welcomed into the community with open arms. I am glad that I made the change. I have met the most wonderful and caring people at my high school, and the teachers are well-educated and show passion for their subjects.
I enjoyed the educational experience received at NAHS. Like any school, there is a handful of teachers who aren't the best and are unable to explain concepts in a way different from their own understanding, but overall I had great teachers who I learned a tremendous amount from on an educational level and on a real world, life experiences level. We did not have a lot of technology, but they worked on that once I graduated. Some sports teams were not funded, but I believe they are working to improve that as well. I cannot speak for the musical, arts, or theater aspects of the high school, as I did not partake in any of the above, but I know the art room received some Macs for digital art, which is super cool, and the band does really well in competitions. Overall, I would say you get a great public school education, and the close-knit, supportive town atmosphere through sports.
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I would like to see the guidance department communicate more with the students on what they need to do for college. EX college classes, deadlines etc.
Good school system. The faculty is knowledgeable and friendly. The sports are competitive and fun. They seem to prepare you for the next level.
I hated North Attleboro High School. I had a very bad experience with the new administration. It is clear that some teachers don't put the same amount of effort into making their students know the correct curriculum. Unfortunately for me but fortunately for other students, due to my class' bad experience with some of the teachers, they have since been let go. They don't put enough money into the school system, therefore we have a lack of resources we need to learn the right things.
Students safety and education are of the utmost importance and every teacher seems to have the students best interest at heart. The only thing that I feel needs to improve is the communication in regards to activities.
Overall, I have had a good experience at North Attleboro High School. I am completing my last year here as a senior and I think that I am prepared to go to college after going through this school system. The teachers here have been nothing but helpful and informative when it comes to class. They always have an answer to my question and they provide a lot of help if I’m still lost. Unfortunately, the school building itself isn’t really the best. Not all of the classrooms have windows which I really dislike. The temperature is also all over the place. One of the rooms will be absolutely freezing, and the next one will be very hot. The lockers are also very tiny and squished together. It can be difficult to fit all of my binders into my locker. But other than that I have had a very pleasant experience here.
North Attleboro High School is a good school for young learners. It gives students the opportunity for their voices to be heard and expand their horizon on what they would like to be when they grow up.
The schools receive little funding making it almost lose accreditation. The teachers try their best but if the funding were better I feel like the schools would prepare kids better.
At North Attleboro High School we have some of the best teachers around and we have a lot of school spirit. Our building and supplies however are below average and could use upgrading.
The unity and inclusiveness at the high school is what I enjoy most about the school. I have had a good experience from grades K-12 in North Attleboro Public Schools. I have had outstanding teachers, met great friends, and been able to participate in a variety of activities from sports to government to theater.
Massachusetts has one of the best education systems in the country; the North Attleboro district lives up to this standard in comparison to schools I've attended in New Mexico and New Orleans. The high school is very sports-oriented (mostly football and basketball, as I was a swimmer and we didn't even get funding), but has recently began to dedicate more focus to the arts.
Teachers are genuine and value their students success. Administration is out of touch with faculty and students. The school can not afford paper.
The administration was very poor however all the other faculty members were good teachers and staff.
Teachers should be evaluated yearly. Some teachers were excellent, others didn't know my name. Some teachers tackled issues that were important to us, some just recited facts that they had been teaching for years. Some teachers prepared us for tests and quizzes, other thought that because they knew something that it should be easy for us to understand. If you asked a question, they assumed that you hadn't been paying attention. The best teachers seem to be more relaxed and actually are able to have a conversation with their students. My favorite class in high school was critical thinking and writing because my teacher talked about current events and issues that affect us such as teen drinking and dating violence. It is also a class that will help me in the future, both in college and life in general.
I think North Attleboro Schools provide a stellar education with ample advanced placement courses and mostly good teachers. However the Administration changes almost every year, the school is quickly falling into disrepair, and the resources are lacking. Many students have big issues with the guidance department, specifically when scheduling and sending things to colleges.
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North Attleboro Public Schools are well kept, and we had some smart people in my class, going on doing great things. I would love to go back.
I enjoyed the teachers. they all had great relationships with the students. I would really like to see the administration put more care into fun and allow the students to express themselves. Especially allowing us to dress up on Halloween.
North Attleboro Public Schools have offered my children an excellent education. Despite facing major budget cuts, my children continue to have excellent teachers who challenge them and prepare them for what they need to learn.
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