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North Arlington High School administration loves to fool everyone into the illusion that they care about their student. I'm not talking about the teachers, they were one of the only things getting these kids through each year. I'm talking about the administration. They spent too much of their budget on things like new entrance signs, flatscreen TVs, and anything that give outsiders the impression that this is a quality school. They dont care about the arts (visual, musical, etc.) Or anything that the students ACTUALLY care about. Compared to other New Jersey towns (that are ranked even LOWER than NAHS) they lack the extracurricular activities and elective classes that aid students to figure out what they want to do after high school and are therefore stuck trying to figure it out themselves or enter college undecided. They also DO NOT prepare students for college. Within the first 3 months of the Fall 2014 semester, 23% of my graduating class (NAHS co' 2014) dropped out of college.
the school was overall good, they were safe and the staff does care about the students. Most students go to college and about 99% finish high school. there is improvements to be do in administration organization and in the math department. The non honor classes for english have a too relaxed curriculum.
North Arlington Schools are great! I am graduating this year and going to college with a very generous scholarship. I owe it all to my teachers who took care of me like family, guiding me, listening to my thoughts and dreams. The number of students are small enough for teachers and staff to know their students well.
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North Arlington is a small school district. Although it may lack in some areas, administration is constantly trying their best to fix and help all situations. Bullying policy is best one out there by far.
The North Arlington School system has been a great experience. The teachers from kindergarten all the way to 12th grade were wonderful role models and mentors. Guidance and knowledge was given in every experience.
when i moved on to the United states of America, i attend the North Arlington high school which was the best school i have ever seen. In North Arlington high school i saw that the teachers are helpful and nice. if you did not understand anything just go talk to them.
Most of the teachers in this district genuinely care about their students' progress. Of course, it can be difficult to teach students who seemingly do not want to learn, but for interested, involved, and eager students, the teachers in the North Arlington School district are wonderful.
I like the that they make you feel as if you are apart of a huge family. That nobody is left behind, you have a shoulder to lean on if you need it. There are also many sports, clubs and activities to get involved in as well.
North Arlington School District provided me with a great environment to learn and grow in. I would recommend that they make more of an effort to prepare their high school students for college.
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