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North Andover Public Schools Reviews

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Great support from teachers and guidance. Encouragement and inclusion within school clubs. Great school spirit.
I love North Andover Public Schools it is such a nice school in itself. I love being there in order to learn.
Well-balanced school system with people from many backgrounds. Great sports teams and a lot of resources to support your interests. The teachers really seem to care.
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The school community was a great experience. Academically, students are successful. There are multiple programs accessible to student needs. The ability to grow socially as well was academically was appreciated. The athletic department allowed all students to participate no matter what their skill level.
Moved from another town for schools reputation. Was not disappointed. Values such as RAISE and excellence in college prep were important. Also, the schools commitment to alter my students schedule and coursework to best suit her needs really put my mind at ease. Very nice close knit community and an overall safe place to raise children. Granted not a lot of diversity, but neighboring cities have plenty so it is accessible
I like that my school is safe and clean. we have great rankings in the MCAS and most students continue on to college. there are tons of clubs that students can join
North Andover high school is a great high school for sports and education. Their sports are all in Division 1 of high school. The facilities are one of the best within their league. The classrooms are nice and neat and the academics are very strong
Loved the education I got out of the school. Very safe environment. Strong curriculum to help with college. Friendly student environment. Teachers were very helpful and concerned with helping students advance and understand information being taught.
The children are encouraged to be the best they can be. I like the way that badges, certificates and awards are given for different qualities. The teachers take a lot of interest in the children and their outside interests. The lessons are well constructed and organised. The school days seem to be very structured and there is a good balance between learning and leisure.
Always impressed with staff commitment and availability of staff for discussion should it be required.
The staff have the ability to tune in very quickly with each child-to work out their strengths and set targets to achieve the best from individuals.
As parents we have been extremely happy with how our child has progressed. I’m sure that this will continue as they move through the school. I feel each child is recognised for what they good at whether that is academic or physical etc. Each child is valued in their own right.
Throughout my high school years i have had an awesome experience at the North Andover High school. I believe it represents all the schools in the district because it is filled with great teachers and always helps students when they need it.
North Andover High school is your average suburban high school. It lacks a lot of school spirit but it makes up for it's rare but hard working and loving teachers. Not all teachers are fair and the way they separate the kids from college prep, honors and AP is quite unfair and questionable but overall not the worse school. They do help you a lot with applying to colleges but not actually help you prepare for college at all when it comes to academics. Most classes are self taught but one great thing out of this high school is its music department with love teachers who really love their kids.
The school Facilities are best you can ask for. North Andover High school have AP course available at 10th grade which not many high schools in the area have
What I liked about NAPS? I started in 5th grade so I liked that as the years went on there was a strong sense of community within the schools. However I felt a bit of an outsider for many years since most had made their bonds.
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