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I have always enjoyed school within the North Andover Public Schools District. I have loved all my teachers - the staff and faculty are always willing to help. Everyday when I wake up, I am excited to go t school and ready to learn!
As a student who attended school in MN and transferred to MA, I found that North Andover Public Schools was a diverse student body that embraced each others differences. The community is caring for one another and comes together in times of need. Having to navigate through the pandemic, our school went the extra mile to ensure that the proper protocols were in place to get us into the classroom. As a senior that was important to me. The music and art departments were my home for the 4 years in high school and the choir/band is GOLD level instruction as is my experience in the arts as well.

I recommend it highly to anyone interested in finding a school that goes the extra mile to help each other and embrace each student for who they are
NA aka North Andover is a Massachusetts suburb known for its 627 cases of coronavirus. They are specifically known for ranking #82 in education in Massachusetts and cutting the funding of the high school arts department whenever they are unable to balance the budget, despite spending less per student than Lawrence, the "City of the Damned."
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Very good public school system. Teachers are amazing for the most part. There is great resources and inclusivity for all kids.
Very good education. I had some great teachers that really knew how to teach. The studets were divided into cliques and most knew each other from elementary school. It is hard for a newcomer to fit in. The atmosphere is not very welcoming. However, most students are still nice, even if they are faking it.
Kids at this school are very nice to each other and love sports. There is a big sense of community there
What I like about North Andover is we have lots of different courses students get to take if they are interested in them. I would like to see more diversity. As I was looking bad at all the teachers I had it hit me I have had all white teachers my whole entire time I’ve been in school. I would also like to see North Andover handle problems better. They seem to not care about students as much as they should and seem to through problems to the side and make them seem like not a big deal.
NAPS community is a very close community. There are many friendly people and the town overall is very welcoming. We have many events that bring us together like football games and pep rallies. I think this is a very nice school. There are many facilities and there are many opportunities to get involved. So many clubs to join, teams to try out for. The teachers are very nice and qualified to teach. The education you get at NAPS is very top notch. If there is nothing for you, you could start your own club. It would be really cool. The NAPS community is overall very good and strong.
I like that I feel safe in the school especially what's been happening today in our society. The school is horrible too by the way they handle situations with the weather and school events. The school itself looks nice but its not. It looks trashy especially the bathrooms, graffiti and people vaping.
North Andover school system has the been the best experience I could have. You don’t need private school to get a good high school education, the sports memory’s are something I’ll never forget
safe school the location is in a small town settled in the woods and it is fairly newer than other towns, it has an excellent education for college preparation. and even has a night school for those who struggle with their studies. school has many different curriculums to study and learn, like botanist, cooking class ect. it is a good investment for those who come from other cities to stay here long term. we are surrounded by the best colleges locally. from private to universities. we also have a good transportation system from buses to trains and can easily get to boston.
North Andover has good curriculum mixed with good teachers and a good social aspect. It is a good place to go to high school as they offer many clubs and activities. Sports is a big part of the culture of the North Andover High School, as well as weekely school spirit events hosted by the student council body. The teachers are generally pretty good providing you with curriculum that challenges you. Ultimately its everything you would expect in an average high school.
I have three children, two in North Andover High School and one in North Andover Middle School.

My biggest complaint is the administration’s lack of action when a teacher is failing to be effective in the classroom. Most teachers are very good but we have come across a few that are completely ineffective. The students know who those teachers are and other teachers know as well. Unfortunately, those ineffective teachers never get removed.

On a positive note, if you have good students they can challenge themselves and get a very good education at North Andover High School. Honors and AP classes are plentiful and definitely get the students ready for college.
Great support from teachers and guidance. Encouragement and inclusion within school clubs. Great school spirit.
I love North Andover Public Schools it is such a nice school in itself. I love being there in order to learn.
Well-balanced school system with people from many backgrounds. Great sports teams and a lot of resources to support your interests. The teachers really seem to care.
The school community was a great experience. Academically, students are successful. There are multiple programs accessible to student needs. The ability to grow socially as well was academically was appreciated. The athletic department allowed all students to participate no matter what their skill level.
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Moved from another town for schools reputation. Was not disappointed. Values such as RAISE and excellence in college prep were important. Also, the schools commitment to alter my students schedule and coursework to best suit her needs really put my mind at ease. Very nice close knit community and an overall safe place to raise children. Granted not a lot of diversity, but neighboring cities have plenty so it is accessible
I like that my school is safe and clean. we have great rankings in the MCAS and most students continue on to college. there are tons of clubs that students can join
North Andover high school is a great high school for sports and education. Their sports are all in Division 1 of high school. The facilities are one of the best within their league. The classrooms are nice and neat and the academics are very strong
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