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NA is a great school district and prepares children for the future where they go to college or a technical school. Both of my children have had great experiences at NA.
North Allegheny is a very fantastic school district. There are many opportunities for you to succeed mentally and physically. The district supports and trys to make every student succeed for their future.
Great school great students good atmosphere. Everyone works hard and we are pushed to be our best every single day
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North Allegheny has a very good music & sports, there are lots of clubs and extracurricular activities. There are a wide variety of electives, languages and an excellent English department. The math department has an 60 - 40 ratio on teachers who are able to relate to the students needs. Some have such high IQ's that they are not able to teach students who are high B and low A students. They are only able to relate to the honor students. This is the case in the science department as well. They need math and science teachers who can teach the academic and relate to the A and B students as well as the GOAL students. Many of the high achieving students are from a culture that does not socialize much and spends much time in music lessons and tutoring sessions outside of school. For the most part the majority of students are well prepared to enter college.
Their academics and music program is excellent. School academics has really helped me in the way of college.
North Allegheny is pretty good for academics and sports, but students experience a lot of stress as it is a competitive school.
While the nature of the school was highly competitive and rigorous, its environment and teachers prepped us well for the outside world.
North Allegheny is overall a pretty good school district. From what I have heard it makes freshman year in college a breeze. Classes have a very stressful atmosphere. Some of the academic classes would be considered honors in other districts. As for sports, NA has so many opportunities to try out or join their various sports teams. If you are looking for a diverse school, North Allegheny might not be the best fit. The schools are mainly white, but there are also a good amount of Asians and Indian students. Unfortunately, NA is lacking in African American and Hispanic students. My experiences with teachers have been pretty hit or miss. A good amount of teachers I have had are nice people but not great at doing their jobs.
I think there should be programs to familiarize kids with disabilities of others from a young age. There is a very obvious wall between those who are disabled and those who are not, and I think it's because kids were never taught how to connect with those who are different. I think a program that kids take in elementary school will help prepare children for the differences they will see not only in the school building but also in the world.
My experience at North Allegheny Senior High School was a great one. The teachers are helpful, fun, and motivated. One thing that could be an overall improvement with North Allegheny is the feeling of acceptance among the students. There were many times during my high school experience where I felt as if I did not belong. With a "New Students" club, that problem would be fixed.
Husband attended NA and all children. They are getting a good education when not interrupted by bullies. My kids fend for themselves but way too much drama here, especially grades 8 and up.
North Allegheny was a fine school to attend. I wish we had more windows in the Senior High building and that the teachers were more qualified for certain subjects. Over all the school was a typical high school.
The school provides many opportunities for all students of varying abilities. The gifted support was exceptional.
I have felt respected and welcomed all of the years I have been a part of North Allegheny, which has been for most of my life. The teachers are friendly, the programs are advanced, and the notions of respect and understanding are taught along with the curriculum. Many extracurriculars and electives are offered and it is an overall amazing feeling.
I attended NA k-12th grade, graduating 10 years ago. While not perfect, NA provided me with a quality education in a safe setting. I had teachers who encouraged me and was apart of a community that helped nourish my interests and abilities. I attended conferences, joined elite sports teams, acceptance into competitive academic and extra-curricular programs, and was able to engage in a multitude of clubs and activities. My teachers were kind and intelligent.

However, the district is not very diverse (racially, religiously, or socially-economically) and its homogeneousness leads to narrow thinking and a culture of self-righteousness and bigotry. My eyes seriously opened after I left the 'bubble' that was NA - and while I was prepared for most of it (aka - I excelled academically and professionally after college) I was woefully ignorant to the experiences of others outside of my community.
Parents are overprotective and overbearing on their kids at times. A lot of pressure to build resume and take as many AP classes as possible to get into the best colleges.
NA is an excellent district that provides students with countless opportunities for sports, clubs, and community service as well as providing a comprehensive, personalized education. The district staff are for the most part helpful and approachable. There are many resources available for exploring different careers and fields of study with a large program of studies. A North Allegheny Education provides opportunities that prepare you for college or a career after graduating.
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It's a factory, designed to churn out top-scoring students that make the administration look good. Graduating class of almost 700 and growing every year, most students never meet their counselor. The teachers care but are stressed, with too many assessment-related goals instead of actually teaching. The administration cares about no one, completely detached. All they want is the top scores and respect. Students are nice but very stressed. No one ever fights. No one's close friends. Too focused on the rat race. They are docile, obedient, and sleep on average 3-5 hours a night. Lots of resources- mostly sports. The track is black and gold and it practically smokes in the summer, because no one thinks about practicality, just how good NA looks. There's no way for students to be heard. Sky-high property taxes and the school's upper-middle-class privileged students make others feel lost. Creates anxious, terrified adults who can't think for themselves or relax.
North Allegheny has great academics at least with very competent teachers. Relatively wealthy area so facilities and resources are good. Lunches suck. Student body for the most part is very accepting and nice.
There are many wonderful opportunities offered to students at North Allegheny versus other school districts. The teachers truly care about their students well being as well as their academic success. As stressful as it may seem sometime, North Allegheny is an exquisite school that really helps teens grow into intellectual, functioning young adults who are prepared for the real world.
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