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North Adams is overall a well rounded small town school. They provide many resources for students to achieve their goals post high school. We are introduced to many real life experiences. We do not have classes to prepare us for SAT's or ACT's which is why we test lower than most schools who do.
I like how many different opportunities there are to broaden my interests and to become more prepared for my life in the future.
They try to make it a good four years although they do not always reach that goal. There are multiple improvements that us senior would like to see for the future students all though we fear it wont happen.
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My experience through the North Adams Community School district was great! Almost all of my teachers from grades k-12 were very personable. Up until high school when they become less involved, in order to prepare you for the real world. There were still plenty of teachers that were concerned about your personal life/problems if you were beginning to get bad grades. I had a handful of teachers I could go to for anything that was going on in my life. The academics were just as good! I earned more than 15 college credits through Bellmont High School. The Bellmont Early College program was a good addition to the school system.
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