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Fantastic programs to meet most students needs and interests. Teachers are engaged and want to see students succeed. New principal in 2017 has made terrific changes. School spirit and pride has improved tremendously over the past 3 years. The downside is that a lot of school resources are required to deal with a small percentage of students with serious problems, behavioral and otherwise. Universal lunch program ensures that all students get a healthy meal during the day. Not enough parents are involved in supporting the school and student activities.
I was a great school district to be part of because of the teachers and how they tried everything in their power to push students to strive .
I would like to see more parent involvement. More technology available to students and teachers. My experience has been very good. Teachers will go the extra mile to help students before and after school for help.
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I really enjoy being part of NAHS! The education there is one of the best I have received. The school is very diverse and has a great sense of community. Overall, I love being a NAHS student.
I graduated in 2018, it was a overall average experience. The school had it's problems but there were some good moments sprinkled in.
Norristown might not be the most well off, but we make do with what we have. I have met a lot of really wonderful teachers during my time here, and I think that my overall experience is pretty positive.
Norristown was very diverse and a great place to meet new people and find new friends. Most of the teachers are there to help you get ready for college. The school could use more spirit
I'm a senior transfer at Norristown currently. The teachers are amazing and love their job. I wouldn't say they would prepare you for college like my previous school, but they really do their best.
Overall, this is a pretty good school. A lot of clubs and activities available, but you have to be really mature to take advantage of the opportunities. If you are a child that lacks motivation or does not perform well academically this is not the school for you. I believe that Norristown high is what YOU make out of it, but the administration needs to do more by attempting to understand the troubles that these kids go through outside of the classroom.
I loved the history behind the school and the Town. One thing I would like to see change about the school is the negative image that others have on it. The school has improved so much so it would be great to see a positive light shone on to it.
Great school with lots of diversity. Typical school with the group of kids who want to learn and the ones who act like they have no home training. Food could be better and some teachers could show more effort and support towards their students
I've been in this district for 12 years. I feel as if I have grown both mentally and morally over these years, thanks to the wonderful teachers who care deeply about their students and the students' educations.
It was nice and had a lot of opportunities to get somewhere in life. I enjoyed my time there and met a lot of amazing people.
The Norristown Area School District helped me a lot in becoming a more intelligent individual. It also helped me grow as an individual and help others succeed!
It’s Norristown..... no need to say more! There were very few teachers that actually cared. The quality of education is horrible. It’s a failing school district for a reason.
I like the opportunities they have there, however what I think they should change is how they enforce their rules. Yes there are a lot of people there to do so, but it doesn't feel like they fully do their job.
My experience at Norristown Area High District was good, but could have been better. The things I liked about Norristown Area School District would be the teachers and the other programs that were offered to us every year. A few things I would like to see change is the food that is served, the atmosphere in the school, and the rules.
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I don't have much experience with NASD. My kids were homeschooled and cyberschooled so we only interacted with the school district at the end of the year and when we had foster kids. At that point, it was fine. No issues.
this is my first year in this high school but I can guarantee you that it is one of the best high schools in this country. First of all when we take a look at the administration, we will find out that the administration is just composed of educated people who take care of every student in the high. I am not saying that they have the best teachers in the country as long as I am new to the country but Norristown Area High School has really high competitive and passionate teachers who are willing to teach those who are ready to learn. The security in the high is just perfect, free lunch with good conditions and many activities or clubs that prepare you in the future! NAHS is certainly not the best school but one day it will because WE ARE ON THE PATH TO SUCCESS
Good school,a lot of challenges and limited funds and shortages in teachers. Been in district for eight years and one child had no issues second children has iep that struggles with newer teachers following iep
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