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Norris has been a wonderful experience for me. The community is very tight, which made it a little difficult to fit in but there is something for everyone to participate in. Sports are a huge priority but academics always come first.
What I like about Norris, is that the students stick up for each other and treat most others like a second family. Each class feels like a team who is there for each other ready to give a helping hand. The teachers always offer to help students who need a little more help and students often pitch in by giving helpful tips or advice. The parents of students are always extremely helpful with activities, fundraisers, and whatever else they might be needed for. There are always people, whether students or not, who are willing to help and make a difference for the better where and whenever they can.
I have gone to Norris since I was in kindergarten. Norris has been such a welcoming school. With each building being on the same campus, the transition from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school has been quite easy. Throughout all 12 years on campus, I have continuously built and maintained relationships with teachers and peers. At Norris, you are not just a number. Every teacher knows you by name and for the most part knows your interests. Looking back on it, if I could've chose where to go to school I would've hands down said Norris. Go Titans!!
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Norris provides you with a great amount of oppurtunities to grow. Norris also provides you with new skills to use in different experiences in life and in educational purposes.
What I liked about Norris School District is how much there is to do. We are really pushed to get involved in the school and it makes high school a enjoyable experience when you are involved in many things and making new friends.
What I like the most about Norris is their willingness to try to help us (the students) excel in their classes even if it means using their personal time to help us understand how to finish a problem or understand a certain subject.
I think the fact that Norris is a much smaller school than other surrounding schools make it stand out. The teachers who work there are dedicated to their students, to helping them pass, learn, and overall take something along with them for life.
I'm thankful to the Norris High School staff for preparing me for the challenging courses in college. However, there could be improvement in the culture and diversity of our school, as many students all came from similar backgrounds. Overall, my experience with Norris was a good one, and I am happy to say I've become a better student and citizen because of the years I've had there.
Norris High School was a great school for a student to become the full package. Students are able to receive a good education while being an athlete and band geek at the same time. The school provides opportunities for students to prepare for secondary education by offering dual-credit courses, career classes, and building relationships with faculty members.
Norris has been an amazing school to go to. There are very few downsides. Some of them include that if you don't have parents working for the district or you haven't played club sports since you were six you don't have a chance with playing varsity or even JV sports. Two more things are that there is almost no diversity and we don't have many afterschool clubs. The positives make going to this school district worth it. We have great academic scores and a lot of AP college classes are offered in school. Our music program is award-winning for our size. But the most important part is the community. I've gone here since kindergarten and my class is like one big family. Everyone knows each other and we all care about each other. I wouldn't choose a different school to go to and I'll miss everyone I have bonded with over the years.
Teachers and coaches are always available to help you succeed and want to help all the students. The counselors help keep students on track and make sure they know where they stand. There are many activities for all students to get involved in so everyone can find somewhere to fit in.
Smaller class sizes, teachers have higher education degrees. There's a definite sense of community and belonging. Administration is visible and approachable.
The staff is friendly and willing to help with any questions you might have. When it comes to preparing for college, there are many college credit courses available. The guidance office is very helpful and always ready to help make transitioning into college easier. There are many activities you can get involved in. The environment and academics are great.
It's an okay school, they favor the sports players, put a lot of pressure on the kids to score well on standardized tests, almost brush aside kids with learning disabilities, you have to push them to do anything.
The school is run down in need of a new one or restoration. They are severely understaffed in the math department. As well as the English department is full of teachers unprepared to teach the classes they offer. They spend too much money on sports but there's not a lot of support from the community. The highlight is they do offer a ton off college credit.
Norris is a good school, that has extremely high school spirit. Student's attend athletic event activities is large groups, and the academics are good.
Fix the buildings up. They are falling apart and gets weather damage all the time. The teachers are devoted to teaching and educating students. There is a good range of skills and difficulty of classes, and teachers know what to put you in. There is lots of student involvement. Every student here is involved in something, whether it's sports, activities, extracurrliar, or clubs.
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Norris is a great School with a positive learning environment. It is a very safe place to be. There is a wide range of classes that students can take and the staff is great. The athletics are good at Norris. There are a lot of extracurricular activities available for students offered like campus life, spanish club, FCCLA. It is not a very diverse school but everyone feels at home. The food is good and there is always a lot of options
I am very happy that I was a Norris Titan. The school spirit and culture is very strong; all of the staff and students are proud to be at the school every day. I was part of a very competitive class of academics, however, the academic performance is high across all grades; Norris has been recognized on a local and state level for their performance on standardized tests. Compared to schools near the area, I believe that Norris truly is the best of the best.
I have been in the Norris school district for about 12 years. I love everything about it, from the way teachers find ways to help each individual rather than do thing one way, to the friendly and inviting atmosphere the staff and students bring to each building. I've always felt as if I were a part of one huge family. Everyone is so involved whether it be academically, athletically, or even in the community. Norris is definitely more than just a school to me, it is a home!
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