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I loved the atmosphere of Norris High School. It was very supportive and motivating. The administration always pushed students to excellence but was understanding of personal situations.
Overall, I had a relatively positive experience at Norris. The staff consisted of many “younger” teachers who were often fresh out of college; this was great because oftentimes this made class a lot more enjoyable. Older teachers tend to have more dry classes, but the younger ones still seem enthusiastic about teaching. As long as you weren’t super distracting in class, and you worked hard, the teachers would all get along fine with you. The main knock I have against Norris is with their approach at preparing students for secondary education. In my opinion, the majority of the classes I took that weren’t dual-credit were really easy. I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the students coming out of Norris find or will come to find themselves overwhelmed by their college courses. At the end of the day, however, I still think Norris as a whole is one of the better high schools in the area.
Norris is a great community and full of fun. I was there K - 12 and made tons of friends. Because I didn’t have to switch schools I also kept those friends until the end of high school.
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My experience at Norris has been amazing. I have gone here as long as I can remember and cannot wait to start my senior year next year.
Engaging, Safe, Helpful teachers along with entertaining sports and other activities to get students engaged with the school.
I love norris! I transferred from southeast high school for baseball and it was the best decision of my life! The school is great and I feel genuinely happy that I go there.
It has been a positive experience for the most part. Kids are learning and growing and have opportunities.
I was involved in many activities and sports, It was really fun going there and very unique. It is a great school
I think that growing up with the same students from k-12 grade has allowed for great connections and a close community. The size of the school I great and it’s easy to get involved. Staff and coaches encourage involvement. It’s a positive atmosphere and teachers are amazing.
Norris is a school that will get you an education you deserve. Norris in fact has the best security possible.
I really enjoyed the school overall. It is small, but the resources of a large school. While the student body is not diverse, this is gradually improving.
I love Norris. The teachers understand and help out a lot. It is more like a family at Norris and I would not trade it for the world. I came from southeast and hated it, but this environment is something every high schooler should have. The teachers help you if you are gone and they work with you a lot more than my ast teachers.
I like Norris because it gives students the opportunity to be themselves. The teachers strive in their work. The best part about Norris is the community and the school spirit. Everyone gives their best to show their support.
Norris School District has a extremely tight community, which makes it possible to connect with people and be involved in a multitude of activities. A tight community can also lead to intense favoritism. Norris is full of parents and certain teachers/coaches who control the outcome of sports, music, and other teams. Other than that, my experience at Norris High School has been filled with (mostly) helpful teachers and many memories.
Norris has been a wonderful experience for me. The community is very tight, which made it a little difficult to fit in but there is something for everyone to participate in. Sports are a huge priority but academics always come first.
What I like about Norris, is that the students stick up for each other and treat most others like a second family. Each class feels like a team who is there for each other ready to give a helping hand. The teachers always offer to help students who need a little more help and students often pitch in by giving helpful tips or advice. The parents of students are always extremely helpful with activities, fundraisers, and whatever else they might be needed for. There are always people, whether students or not, who are willing to help and make a difference for the better where and whenever they can.
I have gone to Norris since I was in kindergarten. Norris has been such a welcoming school. With each building being on the same campus, the transition from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school has been quite easy. Throughout all 12 years on campus, I have continuously built and maintained relationships with teachers and peers. At Norris, you are not just a number. Every teacher knows you by name and for the most part knows your interests. Looking back on it, if I could've chose where to go to school I would've hands down said Norris. Go Titans!!
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Norris provides you with a great amount of oppurtunities to grow. Norris also provides you with new skills to use in different experiences in life and in educational purposes.
What I liked about Norris School District is how much there is to do. We are really pushed to get involved in the school and it makes high school a enjoyable experience when you are involved in many things and making new friends.
What I like the most about Norris is their willingness to try to help us (the students) excel in their classes even if it means using their personal time to help us understand how to finish a problem or understand a certain subject.
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