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I love my school! It's a place that I've grown up and learned so many different things from different people that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Normandy is a family oriented community so there's always plenty of room to make mistakes and learn from them. I love my school so much I wouldn't have chose anywhere else to receive my high school diploma.
Normandy isn’t as bad as people may think. They don’t have a lot of resources for a lot of students like other schools but they tried their very best to make sure every person walked across that stage.
I like that Normandy had its own unique way of teaching us they didn’t judge us they helped us with so much rather there were up or down moments we still got the treatment we need.Normandy has guided us students to be well educated and determined to do anything we set our mines to.We can be ourselves at Normandy and never have to compete with any one and also never be judge by anyone.
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Normandy is a school that I learn so much. I learn so many different subjects. There are many interesting co-curricular activities too. I also participate in extra-curricular activities like music, danceand art. I also get the opportunity to take part in sports and games on the sports grounds at school. I was part of the schools soccer and cheerleading team. Our teachers teach us with a great deal of care and patience. At school I have many good friends. We study, play and eat together. I love my school very much.
My overall experience at Normandy high school , was okay. I was an active study who Participated in every school event. I played soccer and also did cheerleading.
Normandy high school teachers are very involved in the students life outside of the schools campus. One thing that can be changed is the sports at the school
Normandy School District is truly a learning experience. It has taught me so much in the last 12 years. I can’t wait to give back to the school when I’m older
I graduated from this district. Many things have occurred but its the same as any other school. Teachers and other important staff try to help the students knowing that its a high poverty rate school district. Students are able to be themselves and able to connect with the teachers through learning and even mentor-ships. This school district has been through its fair share of ups and downs but, This school district has shown its strength by never backing down to even the most excruciating challenges that has come its way.
I like the tight knit culture and how people act as family. I love the administration they value a students time.
During my years at Normandy, it’s been ok. The school struggled as far as academic wise , up until my last year there. I would change the type of students that are able to attend the school. They had no requirements to meet to be able to get accepted. I think that was the problem. Normandy can be a great school again, I just think that it will take a very long time because they have a lot to work on.
I love Normandy school district because it is a sort of safe haven for me and other students despite being surrounded by crime and gang infested neighborhoods on all four borders. Teacher make the students feel welcomed by providing a inviting classroom for students. They will even reach out to students parents when they feel that a student is doing very well or even when a kid is struggling.
Overall I really enjoyed being a viking, from kindergarten on to my senior year. I truly will miss high school, especially the sports. I like how the elementary schools prepared not only me, but the other graduates of 2017, to be prepared for the middle school, and the middle school prepared you for high school. If I had to change anything, I would try to get students more involved in high school so that way when they get to college they won't be antisocial. Not saying that being antisocial is a bad thing, but in college the more you're involved in something the more things you'll learn and the more friends you'll make. Besides networking is an important thing in college, so why not start in high school.
I transferred to Normandy during my Senior year. My experience here was amazing. It was a quick and friendly transfer. Everyone in the offices are friendly and welcoming. Definitely a good school.
I believe NHS could improve on a couple things such as the academics and food. I think they should have a set lesson plan and better food.
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