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There is no way that I could've been happier throughout the entirety of my education. Having extremely bad anxiety, I would occasionally have panic attacks. Most every teacher I had made the effort to have a personal connection with me, they knew how to calm me down because of those connections. They were also amazing at teaching, they knew I was a visual learner and how to teach me in a way that I could understand the information. With the amazing teachers they have and the great education I was given, I have hardly any complaints.
I went to NPS schools from K-12 grade and I wouldn't change a thing about the schooling I went to. I went to some of the best schools in the district and always loved my teachers and other classmates. My parents loved the district too, and never felt like I was suffering from the education I was getting.
I really have enjoyed my time at Norman Public Schools. They have good courses to choose from and lots of extracurricular activities. They help out families in need, and the teachers try to do the best to help kids understand the material they are teaching. One thing I would like to see change though is some of the schools are more low end than the other ones. Like Norman High and Alcott Middle School are lower quality than schools like Whittier and Norman North and I think they should make it so they both get the same funding. Overall though I have really enjoyed Norman and am glad to be here for highschool.
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I really love Norman schools! They are accommodating to both accelerated and disabled students. The high schools offer many AP classes and a lot of very unique and interesting classes.
I don't have too many things to say about Norman public school. I have been in both Norman and Oklahoma City Public Schools and I don't think either is better or worse than the other. They are both incredibly under funded. They also don't know where to put our funding. Sometimes it feels like our state wants its people to be uneducated.
I think Norman is one of the best school districts in Oklahoma. Amazing teachers, close proximity to the university, and full of wonderfully talented and hardworking students. Norman is the district attend!
During my time at Norman High the school staff were very helpful and many are still my trusted advisers even in college. Going to school everyday was a pleasure and Norman High will always be a second home to me.
At Norman Public Schools I am given the opportunity to learn about new things. At the high school level, we are given mac books so we can complete work online. We also regularly receive new textbooks and have books that are in good condition. The atmosphere surrounding NPS is overall welcoming. We're all one big family.
I have been in the Norman Public School district since kindergarten. I have never felt unsafe or out of place because everyone is very inclusive. I joined the band in middle school, absolutely fell in love, and have continued through high school. My band directors always made learning fun and put a smile on my face every rehersal.
I truly had a great highschool experience here. I made life long friends and found my passion for art. I wouldn’t really change a thing.
NPS is like that weird screwdriver that you got at a garage sale last year that seems indestructible, but has a obscure bit that you will never use. You know this, but can't seem to throw it out. After all, it does look mostly good.
I enjoyed my time in the Norman Public Schools system. I have lived in Norman my entire life and went to various schools in Norman from Pre-K through High School. I hardly ever had any problems with limited resources or facilities and generally enjoyed the teachers and faculty in the facilities. The students themselves were usually pretty easy to get along with.
Norman Public schools are a great school district. They focus on a diverse learning experience whether that relies on the involvement of technology inside and outside of classrooms, new facilities, higher education standards and other strategies. The Norman Public Schools have a strong focus on student safety and have grown tremendously in their goal for student success. The staff that works for the district is highly competitive and very capable of bringing the best resources possible to its students and parents. One area that is gaining and should continue to see growth are the athletic and artistic programs in a sense that all students can participate and compete.
If you want your child to go in a good student and come out a partier, this is the school for you. It’s too big to keep track of the students, the drugs and hard alcohol are rampant and at times even approved and funded by parents, and having sex “just because” is common. Send your child anywhere else but here.
I have had a mostly admirable experience at Norman Public Schools over the last 11 years. During this time, I feel that I have been given decent opportunities to display my academic abilities. However, the resources for these opportunities could definitely be improved. I have also had somewhat qualified and mostly helpful teachers in my time at NPS. Many of these teachers have left very impactful curriculums and possess a unique instructing style. Despite this, I also believe that other NPS teachers are not quite certified for their career. This is because the low wages for teachers in Oklahoma push away the more professional instructors. Overall, you may enjoy NPS, if you are like me, who can tolerate some occasional annoyances. The only reason why I’m giving this review four stars is because the ranking reflects my personal experience, and not my critical analysis. However, while Norman Public Schools may not be fantastic, it is far superior to other school systems in Oklahoma.
The teachers in the area are amazing. The schools have been renovated and are extremely clean and modern. The faculty and principals are very respectful to the student's protests and first amendment. Great music, engineering, and physic programs at Norman High School.
I love Norman Public Schools! My experience throughout my time at Norman Public Schools has been amazing! I have attended Norman Schools for 14 years now and I would never have wanted to go anywhere else. NPS encourages uniqueness and creativity.
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Norman Public Schools is all inclusive and strives to include and care for every student. In norman education is a top priority, the schools want their students to go on to higher education, whether that be a college or a university. they have recently taken another step for the students to be college ready by providing us with laptops and focused on being more technology savvy. I've attended Norman Public Schools my entire life, and I wouldn't change a thing!
I'm currently a senior at Norman High and have been grown up going to school in the district. My personal experiences with Norman Public Schools have all been positive. I have had a variety of opportunities to be involved in extracurriculars and leadership activities through school programs and courses over the years. The staff of the schools I attended all understood their school's dynamic and were intent in helping students find their place in it.
I like the teachers a lot, but there could be better consequences for students who disrupt others. I've learned so much already from being at Norman High. The principals are very nice and get along great with the students as well. The teachers are all super awesome and teach many different ways to make sure everyone understands.
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