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Norman County East School District Reviews

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My experiences at Norman County East have been very pleasant and eye-opening. Receiving an education in a small town in Northwestern Minnesota has given me the opportunity to become engaged in my community through some of the school's clubs, providing me with long-lasting bonds to cherish for a lifetime. The school staff is accommodating and friendly, willing to help any students who seek advice or assistance. The best part about the school is definitely the familiarity of faces in the halls. Teachers get to know their students personally due to small class sizes, greatly increasing the students' comfort and creating a trusting atmosphere. However, the school enrollment is decreasing, and I'd like to see more classes offered in order to appeal to possible newcomers and current students wishing to take different classes to fit their interests. Norman County East has shaped me into the person I am today, and I am so grateful for the knowledge and memories I've gained over the years.
I was able to take many PSEO college courses there. It was very small, so I got to know most of the students and teachers there. Although it did not offer a good variety of electives and programs.
The classes are small enough so the teachers know every student . The students are encouraged to take college in high school classes which really helps prepare for the real thing
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Norman County East is overall a good school. It has small classes which makes it appealing. It is a clean facility and well taken care of. The teachers at NCE really do look out for their kids and try to make the best of the small school setting.
The school is alright teachers will help you if u need it but the students never introduced themselves to me unless it was the SPED kids that I was apart of I did feel left out I tried to introduce myself but Id noticed they judged me rather than listening to my introduction so I don't talk to people there im just there to get my senior year done with only one friend wouldn't recommend this school unless you can climb up the popularity ladder cuz that crap is still going on so stay homeschooled or do a alternative like I should've done because students will single you out if you can't make it
Before I transferred here I went to a big school with over 200 kinds in my class. I was scared because I didn't know anybody and was expecting there to be many knew people. On the first day, almost half of the school introduced themselves to me! Everybody is so nice and kind! I don't think there has been a time where I've felt left out. Joining a smaller community has made a difference for me, and I love it! You get to know and make many new friends. In the end you're all part of one big family. There's no clicks, you don't have to worry about who you're going to sit by at lunch, although I will admit there is drama, but it usually gets worked out in the end. I'd recommend this school to anybody who has considered joining.
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