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I recently moved to Norfork the past year. When I came the students and faculty made me feel welcomed. I felt as if I had been going to Norfork my entire life. My experience at Norfork has been nothing but relaxing and well enjoyed. There is honestly nothing I would want to change about the school.
I moved to Norfork my tenth grade year and I love it. I have a learning disability and this school has helped me work with it and not let it affect my school work. This school is amazing. Everyone knows everyone, and we all get along. It's awesome to see such caring teachers,students, and administrators. This school is in the top ten schools to go. We do well on all our testing.It's safe and secure. I wouldn't want to change anything about it. It's perfect.
Norfork School District was a great school to get an education from for Kindergarten all the way up to a Senior. I learned many academic and real world skills, that I need to get through life. I really enjoyed the small school setting and the small classes. It really let the teachers have one on one with their students. Every student was able to learn in their own way, since the teachers were able to work with us. I will want my kids to go to this school one day for sure. One thing I think they should work on is making all of there students feel equal even if they aren't all in sports.
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My time at Norfork school district was a pleasant one, I think. If you like small schools, you will love Norfork. There are only about 350 people in the school, k-12. Graduating classes are, on average, 30 kids. Bullying is almost non existent at the school, since it is so small, and everyone knows everyone, that if bullying does come up, it is stopped almost immediately. overall, I give it a 4/5.
Norfork has a very uplifting and joyous tone. I’d recommend it to anyone in our area whose children don’t go here. I’ve went here all my life!
Norfork is a small school but our academics mean a lot to us. If you need help in a subject, situation, or sport, help is easy to find.
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