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Overall the teaching and environment is really great. With it being a smaller school it's easier to get to know teachers and form connections which I have found to be super helpful. All of the staff try their hardest to make sure every student does the best that they can. The resources I have make me feel like I'm prepared for life outside of highschool and I can thank NHS for that.
Going to Norfolk Public Schools has been a very good thing for me and my siblings. We have been blessed to be apart of such a great learning district full of teachers and administrators working to improve education, commitment, and dedication to finding a job in the future.
They have good resources and are a very clean school. The teachers and staff are nice, but I dont feel like I personally really connected with anybody that was dedicated to helping me particularly with being prepared for college. Sure college things were mentioned in announcements and fairs but I was never really sure what I needed to do.
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I was in the NPS system since I started school. All of the teachers I had made an impact on me and helped me become who I am today.
Norfolk public schools was full of diversity. I was able to adapt to the environment quickly. Everyone was so caring. I learned about different people and races. It made it easier for my parents cos we are middle class, so money would been a issue if I wanted to go to a private school. Public school helped me be more open to people of different race. I got to be myself.
Norfolk Public Schools is a great school district with multiple opportunities to get ready for college.
Overall it was not a bad experience. I was able to be a part of multiple groups and received a decent education. I was more focused on activities such as music and theatre. Our school tended to provide more funding to sports. It was sad to see some programs cut. I was taking a German class and it was later cut. I had a different principal each year so there was a bit of change each year that came with that. I did enjoy many of my teachers and I would consider myself a fairly successful student for what I was given.
Overall, my experience at Norfolk Public has been suitable. Most days when I walk into school, the atmosphere is full of life. Whether it is high school drama, teachers greeting kids down the halls, or friends laughing in the forum, there is always something that is happening in the school. There is the occasional fight or bullying situation that happens. Overall the school administration is decent about handling these types of situations. The education I have received is very nice compared to some high schools around the area, but It has not really prepared me for life after high school. I would like to see the fine arts department promoted more than it has been the past and I have not been very fond of the chromebook based homework, but I can be old-fashioned at times. Overall, my experience at Norfolk Public was worth the time I have spent here.
I would like to see the students feel like they can trust the administrators and teachers. Students are not willing to talk to administrators and teachers because they don't feel they can or will listen.
I was bullied. My father got into some legal troubles and the children at school were mean and bullied me cause I was not skinny and cause of what my family was going through. They dropped my books down the hallway, they pulled my hair, they made of my clothes and weight. I hated middle school
Norfolk Public Schools in no way stands out to be blatantly honest. It is what it is, a school district that educated and sort of prepares its students for life after school but it focuses more on its own finances, programs, and it’s own agenda before its students education and preparing them for higher-education despite some good efforts by certain teachers and administrators.
I enjoy going to Norfolk Public Schools, but the rules that they have set are only enforced againist the female students. Norfolk has great opportunities. I was offer different activities and clubs to join. All of the after school activities never we're bother if I was late due to another activity.
Teachers were friendly for the most part except some are to old to be teaching. Some classes lacked creativity and didn't allow kids to think for themselves.
I liked some of the teachers. They were very good at teaching thoroughly what they are supposed to. I think they could improve on preparing kids better for college life.
Norfolk public schools is a great place to have your children learn at. They find great ways to teach things to students. Teachers at all Norfolk Public Schools always have awesome attitudes and I'm so thankful for those who helped me graduate in 2016.
I enjoy the good teaching and the facilities. The school is very good in my eyes because of resources and teachers, community involvement and leadership.
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