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What i like about norfolk public schools is outstanding support you receive from teachers and fellow staff members . However , one thing i would to see change in the district would have to be upgrading schools and facilities .
It’s not the worst but it’s far from the best. It really depends on what school you go to, but overall students seem dissatisfied about certain aspects of the school board. These dissatisfactions wouldn’t be an issue, but unfortunately as students we feel like we are t heard by the people who are supposed to be representing us. At the high schools, they just started this quarter system completely out of the blue which caused uproar by all seniors applying for colleges. Despite us bringing this up downtown, no changes were made. I cannot speak for the entire class of 2019, but I am tired of feeling like a lab rat to NPS’ constantly changing policy. Although there are problems with the overall school district, the individual schools have their own ways of handling these changes and making the students feel better about them.
norfolk public schools have helped my child in reading and math, whereas vb schools didn't. The teachers work hard to involve parents in class work.
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My experience was at Lake Taylor High School. The falculty and staff were very engaged and seemed to care about us as individuals. They created a sense of family and an atmosphere where learning was a journey and not a task.
Currently, I am an Old Dominion University student and have attended the past two years. The only reason I have only attended a few years is because I am a transfer student. Old Dominion University is a wonderful place to attend college with professors that truly are invested in your success as a student and for the future. As I am on campus I feel safe, but when leaving campus I always stay aware of my surroundings which is why I didn't give a five star rating. The nightlife is great at Old Dominion University that I have heard, I have not attended any such events due to living off campus. There are plenty of eateries in the area and always something to do!
Teachers are excellent in all aspects. Academics and social skills are their main focus and go the extra mile for students who need additional support. Improvement can be better in the area of security. Maybe a functional metal detector can be helpful in maintaining safety for all.
The teachers should care more about students education. Some of the teachers are extremely rude for no reason at all and are also not very willing to help you when you don’t understand. They’ll also make you feel embarrassed or in the wrong if you ask questions sometimes. Also some faculty is very rude in my opinion if you don’t like children you shouldn’t work with them!
My child is currently in the third grade. I've had to submit an out-district school request for the past two years due to issues with bullies and a lack of involvement from school administration. The teachers are wonderful and many of the schools are new with outstanding resources. The issue are the students and poor surrounding neighborhoods. More effort to keep that outside element out should be made.
They're over-dependant on SOL's, not enough life skill education. I'd rate them as the average public school system. They do provide plenty of activities and sports to their students. However only 1 high school has a pool for their swim team, yet there are several schools without one. I've been told their breakfasts and lunches are adequate. They do have local law enforcement employed as school resource officers, to make for a more safe learning environment.
I would like to see the administration focus more on increasing students desire to achieve more as opposed to just raising graduation rates.
I have been going to Norfolk Public Schools since I was able to enroll. Now I am a senior about to graduate with honors. Norfolk Public Schools has given me the best guidance and has molded me into the exceptional student i am today.
Norfolk Public Schools allows its students to be creative, embracing our capabilities and talents that will soon bloom in the future. Schools are very diverse and they allow their students to be free and to be their authentic selves. Students have created their own clubs as a result of the optimism and freedom they allow us to have. On the flip side, our technology is vague and old which is a disadvantage for our education. This doesn't allow us to expand upon our education but rather be stagnant. In addition, our food supply is not that best which results in many students not eating. This also works hand in hand with one's performance in the classroom because they are not energetic nor fully involved.
I liked how my teachers dealt with kids being disruptive and know how to keep teaching around that or simply just kick the kid out of class. My favorite years of school was elementary because it was fun, middle school was OK, but high school was horrible my senior of class of 2018 at Booker T. Washington High was horrible. It could have been better if the people in charge were more organized and did not try to do what other schools do to fit in.
Norfolk Public Schools were a great educational experience for me, however I was in the International Baccalaureate Program. I found many of my friends who were not in this program stuggling with horrible teachers, overpopulated classes, and the overall bureaucratic process of getting any change implemented. Even I dealled with this last issue, as I once tried speaking out about a certain faculty member and had a administrator tell both me and mother, who had written quite a few emails before even hearing a response from said principal, that there was no problem here. Well, kids were facing this everyday. Change was very hard to implement due to this attitude of administrators. If there was no problem, then kids (and parents) wouldn’t be reporting these problems at all.
Norfolk Public Schools is a good school system and contains many resources my biggest problem would be over population and lack of diversity in certain high and middle schools.
Norfolk City public schools had a very diverse, urban culture. When it came to opportunities, there were many students did not taking advantage of them. When students applied themselves, they were opened up to the fun in learning. The teachers were mostly motivated and had the best intentions. When a student showed their willingness to work for their grades, teachers worked with them individually in order to improve their grades.
Overall, this is a great community that is really focused on making sure that students not only understand their education but have as many opportunities as possible to challenge themselves. Like in all schools that I've been to, there is a lot of focus on higher education, however students do have the opportunity to be licensed in a trade or certified in a computer course. There are plenty of sports and clubs so there is almost literally something for everyone. We even got to protest for the Parkland Shooting earlier this year in April 2018.
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Norfolk public schools is a very professional and generous foundation for student development in education. The staff shows emotional support for students and promotes college opportunities to every child in our schools.
I graduated from NPS in 2017, and I can say overall it helped shape me into the young lady I am today being in my new chapter of life and also in my university work as well.
From 7 years of experience, I can safely say that Norfolk Public Schools is sub-par to mediocre at best.
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