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Nordonia Hills City School District Reviews

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I like the activities at all of the schools in the District. The staff is wonderful. However the district is not diverse and their are racial issues. They do not hire staff of color. They also need to improve their special needs services. The community of parents support the school however most residents are older and no longer have students in the district. It is difficult to pass levies.
The teachers here were excellent when I attended from 2007-2010. They offered many extra curricular activities and were very involved in all of the sports teams as well.
I liked the academics the school had to offer and the teachers actually would care and help the students succeed. Also, being a cheerleader for 3 years I liked being involved in a group where the coaches went above and beyond to make it memorable for us.
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I really enjoy attending Nordonia High School. I came here from Va. last year and every one has treated me with respect. I found my best friend here and I appreciate the teachers. They make sure we are being educated and they are always there if you need help. I will miss my high school, but I will always remember how much love and dedication I received at Nordonia Hig School
The teachers are all good at teaching and are willing to take the time if you're struggling in any way. People here are generally nice as well.
The school was affordable and I met some great people there. A lot of teachers cared about my education, but a lot didn't.
The administration is the reason this school district fails to be great in my opinion. There is this idea of "no child is bad" that is implimented in all the schools which allows kids to do what they please with little to no consequence. The teachers however are great! The ones that aren't sport coaches anyway. There are several teachers who have been tenured to keep their job over, in my opinion, much better teachers simply because they were a coach. This would happen whenever the levy would fail. Overall, I think I was adequatley prepared for college thanks to the teachers I had, but I will not go back for any event. If I have kids, I would not want them to go there. Unless the administration was completely gutted and replaced.
I do like the diversity of the school. If i could change one thing I would have to say it would be that the schools did a better job of promoting a sense of community. Children who are shy or introverted are often ignored.
At the age of 11 I became a Nordonia Knight I have enjoyed this experience to the utmost. Many of the administrators and teachers are very helpful and want to see their students succeed. Being that I've been in this district since I was in the 5th grade their are a few things I would change. For example I think that our school should have more school spirit, more study groups, and more diverse clubs and programs for those who are a different nationality. To be a Knight is great thing and anyone would be lucky to attend.
Most teachers are very helpful. Math program is very week and have very uninspired math staff. The building is old and over populated. Sports rules the school and unfortunately football players are allowed to take multiple tests but not regular students.
During my time at Nordonia, I had the opportunity to try new things and gain advanced knowledge in several subjects. I have been able to participate in Marching Band and Cross Country and have taken courses in Physics, Chemistry and Math. Although I did not take advantage, my school also offers a lot in the department of English and History, as well as other clubs and sports teams. My school also tries to keep spirits high and pride in our school up through athletics and social events. I think that the student who is able to take advantage of all that Nordonia has to offer, is well prepared to tackle the next chapter of their lives.
Nordonia has shown me the greatest of its fantastic qualities in the past 12 years. I am eternally grateful for the wonderful teachers, coaches and classmates who got me to where I am today. Without my Nordonian class of 2018, I don’t know where I would be. They’ve overprepared me for what is to come in my future, and I feel as though I am ready to continue my educational career with the tools they’ve given me.
I am a senior at Nordonia High School. I have had a lot of good teachers that have help me through my classes. I hope with my education and experience from this school I will be able to have success in college.
liked the communication about upcoming events but would like to see teachers get students more involved in classes
I had a great experience at Nordonia! All of the teachers there truly cared about academic performance, as well as developing relationships with their students. The memories that have been made will never be forgotten!
I attending Nordonia Hills City Schools from 3rd grade to graduation. The parents, teachers and faculty all care greatly for the students and value success. The community is warm and small, it is a very enjoyable place.

Academically, unless a student pursues AP courses in high-school, there is a good chance that they will be unprepared for college. For High-school courses I did not need to study. There is an amazing option in High-School where students can take college classes for free their junior and senior years. I came into college with 12 credits and a 4.0 GPA thanks to the classes. For a chance for a better prepration for college, if students do take honors and AP courses, teachers will be willing to sacrafice time to make sure that they can succeed. There are lots of academic opportunities that make the school great.
Overall great high school experience. The teachers and all the students are great. The food in the cafeteria wasn't the greatest, with prices being high. A lot of fun after school activities. Sports a huge plus as well.
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I graduated from Nordonia High School in 2016 and am now a freshman at Kent State University as a pre-nursing major. My time at Nordonia was definitely a learning experience. Overall I did have a fantastic time here , this was a place where I spent four years of my life with the same people I've grown up with all my life. Most of the teachers here really do care about the student's education but as I was getting ready to come to college, I became to understand that this school/teachers did not truly help me prepare for college.
I love Nordonia school. The school has offered my children a great education and various opportunities to learn leadership and life's skills. The teachers and connected to the children and provide an open avenue for comunication with me has a parent. My children and are given the opportunity and skills to grow into productive members of the society.
I am an alumni from Nordonia Schools and I believe that they prepared me very well for college. I know that I will succeed in college because of my preparation from the classes that I took at Nordonia. Nordonia teachers are wonderful! They are welcoming and always there with open arms to help. I had a wonderful experience at Nordonia, I was very involved and this greatly helped me grow as a person. I still keep in touch with faculty and staff from Nordonia, many of them have impacted my life greatly. Nordonia was a great district to grow up in.
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