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I loved how because it was such a small school that everyone knew each other, or at least recognized everyone's faces. Students would always say hi in the hall ways, you could always find someone to sit with during lunch, and the teaches went out of their way to help the students. The only problem I had with the school was how much athletics was worshiped at the school. I myself was a dual varsity athlete for two years, but I still didn't approve of how everyone treated the football or basketball stars, even the teachers. It's great that the school can rally behind its teams, but it's not great when the teams can get away with vandalism and other illegal activities for simply being a good athlete. Overall Nooksack is an amazing school, and I couldn't have wished for a better high school experience.
I am a graduate of Nooksack and biased or not I think the district is amazing! If it isn’t already visibly obvious how great the school is or you can’t tell from the multiple top percentile awards for test results in the state! For any parents out there thinking about a school for your child, I recommend Nooksack.
Nooksack is a good school to go to. I enjoy my time going Nooksack the teachers were very good at making sure there students were being successful in there class. The school helps the students as much as they can to prepare them for their future as I known that was true for me. I also like that Nooksack is a smaller school with not much students so you get know all of people who go there. I also like Nooksack has high standards on their students so they can have most potential education they can receive.
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The school district is very good at addressing a problem and attacking it head on. They are very helpful in helping students.
It's a small community located in Everson Washington. The school is welcoming and very friendly. The meaning of being a Nooksack Valley student is someone who shows persistence in the idea of learning. The value of educational performance is the most important in this community, even before sports. Although, the school is very small there are many teachers who are willing to help each individual student perform their best on each exam. My experience in Nooksack Valley high school is positive enough that I'd be sure to recommend this school to any other person.
I like Nooksack because it is a small school and you know everyone there. The teachers care a lot about the students and are willing to help. My entire family has attended Nooksack all the way back to my great grandparents. To someone moving to the area I definitely would recommend.
I was homeschooled in Nooksack Valley School District. My mom did a terrific job of keeping me on my studies, and I had a lot more time to play than other kids. Looking back, I am so happy that I was homeschooled until 10th grade. I then went into Running Start, and kept on doing well in school with a 3.96 GPA.
Nooksack Valley is like a huge family. The teacher are amazing, and give students what they need to learn individually.
I have been going to the Nooksack school district since fourth grade until now my senior year, it has been a pleasant journey with kind and helpful teachers along the way. If there was a change I would like made would be to have more choices in languages to take, not only Spanish.
Nooksack is a place where everyone knows everyone. Teachers take interest in you and want you to succeed. Our school is like a family.
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