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Nogales Unified School District Reviews

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It is a really nice school to go to! The teachers and respect between students is great! I would recommend this school to anybody who wants help build a good future!
My overall experience at Nogales High School was one to remember. I met a lot of different people that really had a positive impact in my life and education. One thing I would change is some of the staff, so educators in the school had a really negative attitude or had a serious case of favoritism. I had to go to the extent of getting a tutor outside of school for one of my classes in order to receive the letter grade I wanted to achieve. However, not all teachers had a negative impact on me, some really loved their job and it showed upon teaching. Some of these teachers include my freshmen year Spanish teacher, my graphic design teacher, economics teacher, and AP English teacher. All these people made these four years truly something to remember. Although, Nogales High School is not perfect I will always be an Apache.
The school was filled with diversity from the students to the faculty. I had a great experience attending school within the NUSD. The only thing I would suggest changing is that the Nogales High School could use a gym refurbishment as it is small enough for only a handful of people to use. I would also suggest hiring teachers that are specialized or studied the field that they are teaching rather than using people without experience in this field as substitutes or as fill ins for when there aren't permanent teachers available.
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The items that I like about Nogales unified school district are that they are willing to support new programs and because we are from a small border town it feels like everyone knows each other and are willing to help whoever comes to them. The one thing I would change is there heavy focus on football.
My experience at the schools in the Nogales Unified School District has been wonderful. The environment is so friendly and safe. Since Nogales Unified School District is located in Nogales, Arizona which is right on the border of the United States of America and Mexico, people from this town get to live a life they could not live anywhere else. The staff and teachers at the schools are understanding and make the students feel welcome every time they enter campus. For the most part, everyone in the community has been raised the same . This gives people an understanding of what others may be going through. Being a student in the NUSD has taught me to be a better person and reach my full potential at all times.
I had a great experience being schooled in the Nogales Unified School District. Being a border town Nogales offers a variety of positive qualities one could take with them into their adult life. I did all my schooling from Pre-K to High School graduation in the district and I loved it. The community environment mixed with the rich Mexican roots shared among my peers showed that if one of us makes it we can all make it. There is great success in sports including baseball, track and field, and basketball. Although primarily a Hispanic district there is a variety of cultures in the district primarily in the teachers and faculty.
The district hires good teacher that want to actually teach. They hire the best of what they have. The peers form a family as they grow from kinder all the way to twelfth grade.
I really enjoyed that regardless of what it could be everyone as a community would be willing to help. I did not like that the dress code ridicules students into wearing awful shirts and sexualizes its student by telling them they're clothes is too revealing.
My current school is amazing there is many things that i like which are nice. The school itself is nice we are very well taken care of that’s what i like! The teachers are very outgoing as well as our office facility.The sports is not the best but are very good in my point of view.We also have many clubs you can get involoved in and they are very life learning.
I have had great relationships with teachers and students a beautiful environment in the school. I would love to see a change in materials for the students such as books and new learning accessories.
The Nogales Unified School District is a kind free campus. It gives you many opportunities to make new friends, everyone is respectful, and helpful to one another. One thing I would like to see change is fun activities, by that i mean we should have more pep rallys like other schools.
As I senior I had the opportunity to take a nursing class that prepared me to have a job immediately after graduation.
The teachers care for their students and support them all the way but the problem is with the materials and bathrooms. Books go back from 1995 -2000. For over 2000 students there are only 2 restrooms open which sometimes don’t have hand soap.
Over the past four years, my experience has been very good. There is a very welcoming environment at the school and there are teachers who are willing to go out of their way to help you achieve your goals. The opportunities they offer are really good and the school offers various classes and clubs.
I really thought the administration is really nice and very helpful to people. They try to help you look for college options and get scholarships and to keep the kids on track on their grades. They have very good coaches who love training kids to get better at a sport. I really enjoyed the time I was Nogales High School it was the best four years.
The District itself is rather average. Good teachers, slightly cramped curriculum, but the communities within the schools are very strong and welcoming. The administration within our district is rather frustrating though, the offices are often rather secretive and uncoordinated.
The district is extremely underfunded. We do not have the resources to upgrade anything. The teachers are underpaid. Some of them are also not the best.
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My experience here at Nogales High School has been very memorable, and students at our school are very competition, knowing that we come from a hispanic heritage. Students at the students continue to excel in all their classes and enjoy the challenge everyday in and out of their classes, including extracurricular activities. Staff and Administration are very nice and welcoming to every student here on campus. Overall, Being a Senior here at Nogales High School has taught me how to live in the real world and be independent and have confidence in myself to push myself to excel in any situation that people place me in.
Small community, so all problems there might be are addressed in a very timely manner. All schools are set with academic goals and are monitored to ensure that they are met.
Nogales Unified School District always works together to bring the best out of our small community.
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