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Nodaway Valley Community School District Reviews

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Great administration, teaching and support staff, and campus. Safety and learning are top priorities; campus well located. District covers Greenfield, Fontanelle, & Bridgewater with schools located in the first 2 communities
It was an overall good school but its a small town school there isn't much diversity in students or classes. The teachers are all good people and want to push students to do there best and go to college. The class were inspiring and help was available if needed but everyone seems to do pretty well. My expressions with this school was over all pretty good. I have had many good times as a student of Nodaway Valley. This school was a good platform and the teachers have be good guides in helping come up with ideas about my as well as other students future. Supporting and providing tools to make higher education easier for me and other students to obtain.
The district just built a new elementary school and is prepared for the future. All the classes have good teachers and work is being done to prevent bullying in the school. Kids are started in guidance classes in kindergarten and the lessons are learned all through the school. The sports programs are very supported by the community. A 3 time state boys cross country team highlights the sports, but great teams all across the school from undefeated 8th grade volleyball teams, to district runner-up baseball teams opportunities are there for everyone. Our FFA organization is wonderful taking members to State and National Conventions every year. There are leadership and community service opportunities through many different groups. Greenfield is a great place to grow up and I have learned so much at Nodaway Valley.
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It's alright and if I could change anything it would be the grading system and the way that NVHS teaches math.
Nodaway Valley is a very close knit school district. It is a very small school, my graduating class was around 50 people. This allowed me to have a close relationship with everyone in my class. The teachers in this school always made it a point to help the students with whatever they needed help with. This is very appreciated, because there were often times where I, as a student, had no idea what I was doing, and I knew that I was able to go to any teacher in the school and they would help me to the best of their ability. The administration in this school district is also very special. I knew that I would be able to approach anyone, from the secretary to the super-intendant, and they were always willing to talk to me. Altogether, my experience at Nodaway Valley was better than I could have ever asked for. I feel as though I am very lucky to have been able to go to Nodaway Valley.
They mean well and do education to the best of their abilities. Being educated from a school of this size has its pro's and con's. The biggest disadvantage is the diversity in the types of offerings that larger community schools can offer.
Partnering with a local community college is great, but the level of exposure to what is outside to learn leaves our kids at a disadvantage when college approaches.

There are ways to circumvent the short falls and it is a parent's responsibility to ensure that the best is given when possible. It is also important for the parents to ensure that we are doing out part in helping as much as we can with our children's studies.

This responsibility should not be agreed upon on a signed piece of paper that will allow the school to dismiss its responsibility as an education institution. I know my responsibility to my children and they were not born with a waiver.
With my 4 years here at Nodaway Valley, I have learned a lot from certain teachers, but others I have learned little to none. When we had a classmate die, none of the teachers attended the funeral, but claim they care about our safety and feelings. The food is terrible and have found many hairs baked into my food. Although, I will say we pride our selves in sports but nothing else. I have numerous times from my peers that the only reason they are still in school is because of sports. We should be focusing more on education and readying students for the world and college.
The Nodaway Valley School District puts a lot of focus on athletics. Our new standard based grading is setting students up for failure in college since it allows students to not do their homework and constantly retake tests.
Nodaway Valley is a nice sized school. Big enough to offer the usual extracurricular activities, and small enough to allow a variety of students to participate and excel. Teachers are nice and helpful.
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