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I really enjoyed the friendly environment that they gave to each individual student. I never felt like there wasn’t someone I could talk to or there wasn’t a club I couldn’t join.
At Noblesville High School things tend to run fairly well and the tools to prepare for college are almost entirely (if not entirely) provides by the school. There are certain teachers that might make success more difficult that necessary and many students don’t utilize all the tools that are given to them, but everything a student would need to succeed at the secondary and introductory post-secondary school levels are present.
For the most part I had teachers who did their jobs and taught the class. Other than that I found lots of errors with the way the school was ran.
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There is a pretty good staff they take their job very seriously. Students are engaging sometimes. Food could improve as far as lunches.
I love that although Noblesville expierences traumatic situations we strive to keep going and not just overlook the problems but find solutions to make every individual feel loved and welcomed!!
I enjoyed being a student at Noblesville. The opportunities I got to have were amazing. Between having an internship and getting to get ahead in my college studies. With that being said, the environment is not always the best. Some teachers are not meant to teach and some students are not kind, but that happens no matter where you go.
They are incredible at keeping us safe. Through the horrible day of May 25th, 2018, the staff was incredible at keeping everyone as calm as possible and as cool and collected as possible.
I do like Noblesville Schools. I had some ups and downs with the counselors, but the administrators are very helpful to make sure their students succeed. Some teachers were very helpful while some I don't know how still have job there.
I’m a new student this year, my junior year, and the school isn’t very accomodating in general. Also, the iPads make learning difficult for some, like me, who are used to or who prefer writing things down instead of watching videos or looking at a screen all day and it’s provided an outlet for some teachers to be lazy. Most of the staff members I’ve met are very nice though.
Overall, my experience at Noblesville High School was pretty decent. I found that teachers genuinely wanted students to excel, and administration really listened to the concerns of students and parents. NOblesville High School was also very involved in the community of Noblesville, and frequently involved students in charities and social events.
I've had a wonderful experience at Noblesville Schools. I've always had great teachers, I've always been able to find activities that fit my interests, and I've always had classes that challenge me (in the best ways!). No school is perfect and Noblesville does have its flaws, but I wouldn't have it any other way!
for the most part everything was good. We lack good sports as well as school spirit. In my personal opinion the food is not that bad and academics are good when your teacher is. Noblesville is above average when it come to having bad teachers though.
Noblesville Schools represents one of the best places to educate children in the state of Indiana. High test scores and excellent teachers are a compliment to a caring and helpful administrative staff. The singular drawback is the potential for over bureaucracy in security measures.
Noblesville Schools is a school system that is okay. There are better schools around but Noblesville is still better than 90% of schools in Indiana but compared to to those closer schools, Noblesville falls behind.
Overall my experience was fairly good. For the most part the teachers were helpful when it came to getting things done. I found it easy to get involved in the school whether it be sports or extracurricular activities.
the only thing I really liked about noblesville was that they did a financial class to help you in the future like with taxes, rent, morgange, student loans, debt, and work. This class also substituted as an algebra 2 class. they allowed students do a college program where the can eventually work instead of go to school.
Noblesville schools overall is fantastic, but over the past several months my opinion on the district has been diminishing. Yes, we did have a school shooting but all the new safety protocols seem very unnecessary because there are many loopholes around them, so they're causing much more harm than good. It would be nice if we had some more diversity of culture in our school. It's full of white, suburban children. Also, the culture is a little lackluster. Our spirit days are minimally participated in and schools less than half of our size have a bigger student section than we do at sporting events. On the good side, our building is kept very clean and organized. Our custodial staff do one of the best jobs at keeping our school looking good from the inside and out. We're very blessed to have them. Noblesville schools does a lot of things right in terms of academics and clubs. I really enjoy attending there and am sad that I won't be able to return after this year (because I'm a senior).
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I liked the school because it provides so many options that other schools do not. But recently Noblesville has been going through many changes which is causing the student body to be unhappy as a whole.
I have really liked Noblesville Schools throughout my academic career. My most favorite part has been the teachers and their ease to build a relationship with each and every student. I remember teachers from all the way back in elementary school that still have a large impact on the way I hold myself today. I have truly enjoyed representing my school and community through athletic activities, but overall, line of the main downfalls of the schools system is its culture. Different parts of the school have wonderful culture, but Schools spirit isn’t terribly popular, and the community is more divided into smaller cliques. The education that I have recieved here is definitely one of the best in the country, I have been challenged and it has definitely prepared me to be an adult and a college student. I also want to emphasize the large amount of opportunities provided by the Noblesville Schools Corporation has been one of the best resources in my preparation for college and adulthood.
I moved to Noblesville right before beginning 8th grade. Moving schools is always tough but the students and staff at Noblesville made the transition easy and I met so many amazing people.
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