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It is the very best district in our area! I’m proud to be apart of a community that has strong values in support, resource and ingenuity! Our administration goes above and beyond, they now the school site lawns, serve lunches, drive buses and greet students as the enter the building.
Over all is a pretty good school. Focus most energy on some things more than others. They do have a lot of great teachers though.
Great place to go to school and the teachers there teach fairly well, though it can use some improvements.
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I really like how most of the teachers are always there for you no matter what. They are always willing to help. One thing I'd like to see change is the strictness of the dress code.
loved it. the teachers were amazing and encouraging and they really cared for students. The love they poured out onto me was great.
i like that you are welcome. and that nothing bad has ever happened crazy wise. and the things that could change are the environment of the inside more positive vibes less blank emptiness. but over all i would not change much because it is what it is and works.
My experience with Noble Public Schools has always been positive. A small town school with a big town heart. Teachers go above and beyond to help you succeed. They try to accommodate learning disabilities and also programs for gifted students as well.
Planning on going back into this district to be a teacher for the elementary schools. Teachers were always understanding
The teachers really care about their students and the sports are pretty good and fun to participate in.
I entered Noble High School the end of my freshmen year and have loved it ever since. The teachers love their students, and they love to teach. The sports coach's are extremely devoted and involved in the athlete's lives, it's truly astounding. One thing I have to complain about is the safety regulations. Some students carry things they shouldn't carry, and some of the teachers don't enforce the safety regulations they're required to follow. But besides that it's an outstanding school.
Noble schools are amazing! The teachers really care about the students and about your college readiness.
Noble High School needs to better its facilities. However, the school offers several classes that prepare those who are wanting to go to college.
Small town school that is slowly growing and progressing forward. Could use some love and work, however, is still a good school.
What i enjoy about butler college prep and the whole noble system is that they are directly college ready. With my school being surrounded in a black community and #1 on the south side of Chicago its big opportunity's to many young people. Butler college prep is a good school and has many plans for many people even who even doesn't know their goal in life.This school and district are considered strict because if the type of concepts that happen their.But the school only wants you to be great so they push you to your fullest
I liked the welcoming atmosphere of Noble Public Schools. Everyone is very nice. However, there is also a huge bullying problem at this school and I would like to see reinforcements be brought in.
My experience at Noble was horrible. The administration cared more about how the school looked and how the athletics did than anything else. the classes had very old technology and very little source of information to help the students. this school spent their money more on the looks of the school than the education of the students. many of the teachers didn't even teach, they just told weird stories and watched movies or made the kids teach because they just wanted to watch Netflix. many if the students were judgmental and were very rude to outsiders, along with a good majority being very racist. Over all I didn't find many good things about this school, even the teachers created drama between each other. I've been to many school and I have never been so glad to move again.
Overall great. Teachers are really nice but the school needs more funding. Principals are great at younger schools. They are not as a good at the high school and middle school.
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My experience at Noble Public Schools have been nothing but amazing. My teachers have always been dedicated to their jobs and have never let me down. I owe all of my achievements to Noble Public Schools.
Noble is a great school district. My teachers have been very knowledgable and are personable. Many learning opportunities are acknowledged and students are eager to be involved. Noble offers many electives so everyone has an opportunity to participate in something. The district works with the community to assist many students with different needs. As many in our district say, "If your gonna be a Bear, be a Grizzly."
These schools are great for high school students who want help with applying to colleges. Applying and getting admitted into college is stressful and sometimes difficult, but Noble teachers help students get through the process.
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