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Really fun and the football team was really cool to play on to i am now on the track team for spring and thats really fun to
Very amazing teachers, however administrators are some of the worst I’ve experienced...all they worry about it politics and test scores, not whether kids actually retain information or not
I thought it was a free and open environment to meet great people! I am very fortunate to go somewhere that wants kids to succeed in academics and make you graduate and prepare you for college when it is needed. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. The kids sometimes don't get along but that is like any place you go to but the administration is there to make things go right and I appreciate them for that. When times got hard teachers are there to hold students up and to make push past all the pain and struggle that comes along with improving yourself. Sports are always a great place to meet new friends and to build a system that will make you a more confident person in yourself and in others. I could say for my very self that before college I was very shy and closed off but after experiencing the life in high school I understand what you should do and shouldn't do.
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This school system is set up okay. The teachers and class sizes are decent. The material is also a good level for the ages they are being taught to. Some things that made me hate Nixa was the fact that I came to school minding my own business and people would go down the halls laughing and whispering about me behind my back. This was an awful experience and I would never want someone to go through that.
Nixa Public Schools are very good at two things: What schools are for, academics. And providing activities for students to enjoy, like sports and extracurriculars. It has a few issues, with some abnormal policies and low diversity, but that is not the fault of the school, and is only because of the area it operates in having low diversity. It desevres to be a Blue Ribbon School, though.
Coming from a really small school to Nixa, I loved the inclusiveness and the opportunity to learn more than the average student. If you're willing to succeed, you have a lot of opportunities here.
I like the education dedication the school system has towards all their students and how all teachers and staff go out of their way to help students.

I would like for teachers to not show favoritism and if a student is struggling for them to help them succeed along with the popular kids.
I like that Nixa Public Schools is very worried about test scores and sports. What I would love to see change would be the focus on sports that don't get recognized all the time.
Nixa High School is a great school academically. It’s has a very nice atmosphere and is a safe environment for students. I wouldn’t change a thing.
It was a good school with good academics and good sports and good teachers and good clean class rooms
This school district is always striving for excellence. They do what is in the best interest of their students and to help them to achieve any goal they set their mind to. This district also is aware of how important extra curricular activities are to students and keep them well funded.
I have 8 children who have been in the Nixa R-11 School District. We have had a great experience with teachers and administration. The creativity used to teach academics as well as character shows the dedication they have to the success of each student. One thing I would like to see happen in Nixa is additional STEAM schools like JTSD. This is a hands on learning style that I think many students benefit from.
The teachers are very involved in their students. They want them to succeed in school and many care about their students personally.
Over all I had a very positive experience growing up in Nixa and going through the school system. I participated in football, track and marching band and always felt that Nixa did a tremendous job supporting both their athletic programs and their other extracurricular activities. The environment created in the Nixa school system was always one that I felt was very positive and inviting to anyone who went to school in Nixa. I do wish that Nixa would show some initiative and incorporate advanced placement classes into their curriculum because that was something they never had when I went to school there.
Nixa is the most challenging school district in SW Missouri. Nixa offers the best overall general education and AP courses.
Nixa Public Schools is a progressive school district that strives to provide students with an education for today's learners. Their goal is to make sure students graduating are ready for today's world.
My experience at Nixa High School has been positive overall. I transferred to Nixa High School my Sophomore year. It was a challenging, but great opportunity for me. I have been able to take advantage of the OTC Career Center Program, and will also be utilizing the A+ incentive for my continuing education. The teachers are great and always very helpful, always available for extra help when needed. They truly want to help the students succeed. I wish the High School was on a block schedule because the homework load would be distributed differently, and possibly less homework. This would be advantageous for students in extra curricular activities, as well as those who work after school and on weekends.
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Nixa Public Schools are ranked high in the state of Missouri for a reason. I agree fully with that reason. They provided me with a quality foundation of learning to boost my college experience. I was prepared when I went to college and the teachers still care about me for who I am. Nixa is one big family.
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