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Niskayuna Central School District Reviews

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Excellent school district!!! For upstate New York, it is incredible the education this district offers at half the cost of a district downstate. Teachers are outstanding and go above and beyond for students. Excellent music dept, language dept, sports (boys swim team was #1 in state 2019)
Kids graduate extremely prepared for college and alternate career paths.
I love how dedicated my teachers are to my education. They are all very involved in making sure I achieve my highest level of academia possible. I also love how hands-on our school has been with current school climates and safety. I feel very comfortable in my environment and learning space.
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The school district is very good. They prioritize student's education and the teachers are very nice. They prepare all students for college and for the years afterwards. Their sports are not very good as they are a more academic-geared school. Bathrooms are misused by students at times. Music program is good.
Niskayuna prepares you for college and there are a ton of activities/clubs/sports to be a part of. overall a great experience
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I received a wonderful education, the social aspect of the district was not great. It is highly competitive and not in a good way. Kids are constantly trying to be better than each other, rather than being satisfied with their own achievements.
The academics here are great. Lots of AP's and honors as academic options for all interests. Great music and art programs. The faculty is mostly great. Some bad experiences with teachers, but nothing extreme. Not much diversity. Niskayuna is a bubble consisting mostly of white and Asian middle class people. Barely any Hispanics or African Americans.
The school district employs some great teachers, especially the high school STEM teachers. The high school needs to improve its technology department and classes. Some higher tech classes are not useful to students and lack any enthusiasm. The district itself lacks any school spirit except for Niska-day.
Overall a good education that leaves students ready to go off to college. However school culture is lacking and diversity could be better.
I have been going to Niskayuna Schools for about ten years. The overall environment is great, there are multiple opportunities to improve your skills in different areas. At the High School there are over 100 clubs to be apart of, our sport teams are decent and the faculty is friendly and helpful in motivating you to continue striving. The education level here is pretty high and teachers are great in helping you to do your best. While I have been here bullying was not a big issue here because most people get along. The only downside might be diversity here, while there are different cultural clubs and students with different backgrounds it sometimes feels one sided in certain situations. Every school has it's ups and downs, but compared to my past schools I have been to Niskayuna was the best and the most fun.
I loved Niskayuna High School. The experience provided a smooth transition to college and the intensity of college school work. All our departments worked one on one with students who needed the help. Our best department was the Math Department. These teachers knew how to treat a student. The athletics portion at Niskayuna also helped me stay focused and helped me balance all my priorities. Overall Niskayuna was a great experience.
Really great school district. The core academics are very solid, offer a lot of APs and other advanced programs, and there's also a strong music and arts program. The high school really provides a lot of opportunities.
Administration doesn't care about students needs/ opinions. The heating system doesn't work so it's always very cold. Some teachers are amazing and some are horrible.
The administration is there but doesn't always act to the problems that are occurring in their school.
I am having a very good experience with Niskayuna. The majority of my teachers really care that I understand the material and help me to take in and apply the knowledge with meaningful tasks that require me to problem solve. There are plenty of clubs and school activities that I enjoy partaking in, and the school offers many interesting classes for me to take. I am fortunate to go to Niskayuna.
Niskayuna promotes themselves as a great school, such a lie. They are one of the worst schools in the Capital District. Principal has a side job as a scout for athletes for colleges and gets a commission. Isn't that a conflict of interest?
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Niskayuna is one of the top school districts in the capital region of Upstate New York, the teachers are incredibly passionate about their subjects and prepare students for college. The pool of students is composed of a majority white population falling under the upper-middle economic class. There is a fairly strong representation of Jewish and Indian students as well. The athletic program is very strong, the most successful sports being lacrosse, soccer, swimming & diving, and field hockey. All facilities are up to date as the high school went under major renovations less than ten years ago.
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